Coast City is a city located in California.


According to McKenna Hall, Coast City has the best physical therapy facility in the country.[1]


Coast City welcome sign featuring Ferris Airlines

Coast City welcome sign featuring Ferris Airlines.

In 2010, Oliver boarded a ship bound for Coast City from Hong Kong.[2] For some time, Oliver remained in the city and begun a brief stint as a vigilante chasing around petty criminals before he was once again found by Amanda Waller.[3]

McKenna Hall currently lives there with her sister. It is said to have the best physical therapy facility in the country, which McKenna attends after being shot by Helena Bertinelli which caused McKenna to be temporarily paralyzed.[1]

Barry Allen used his super speed to buy some pizza at Coast City Pizza, mentioning that it is known as "the best in the west".[4]

After an encounter with Zoom, Linda Park went to the city to stay with her friends there.[5]






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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Coast City is the home of Hal Jordan, better known as the superhero Green Lantern, who in the DC comic books is also one of Oliver and Barry's closest superhero friends.


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