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"Back home, our miners called 'em "Coblynau," but you see 'em in every culture. They're the spirits of dead miners. They knock on walls to warn of danger."
John Constantine to Zed Martin[src]

Coblynau are spirits of dead miners that inhabit mines, knocking on the walls to warn the miners of danger. Traditionally they were good-natured, though could be controlled to do evil.


In Heddwich, Lannis Cadogan's wife summoned Coblynau using gypsy magic. She used them to begin killing miners and executives within the mining company. She was able to use them to kill quite a number of people, but John Constantine blew up the town's mines, laying the Coblynau to rest. However, the woman summoned the creatures in her front yard, but the spirit of her dead husband sought revenge on her, killing her and thus freeing her grip on the Coblynau.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


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