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"I know what building H.I.V.E. is planning on taking down: it's this one."
Felicity discovering the Demolition Team's next move

"Code of Silence" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-third episode overall. It aired on February 17, 2016.



The scene opens as Oliver and Thea prep for the mayoral discussion.

His adversary - Damien Darhk's better half, working under the name of Ruve Adams - shows up, and Oliver peppers her with questions and suggestions, however she isn't unsettled.

After she leaves, Felicity comes to approach him for help with their wedding welcomes - which Donna has loaded up with sparkle bombs.

Group Arrow prepares to follow Adams, in the expectations she'll carry them to Darhk. She loses them under a scaffold, however then she discovers him. She has men standing by to firearm Oliver down, to some degree becuase he avoided his gathering with Damien. Group Arrow shows up and they assist Oliver with fending off the Ghosts, yet when they're set, Adams is no more.

At the Lair, Oliver knows there's something else entirely to what exactly HIVE is doing than getting Adams chose. He can't make sense of what, at this time.

At HIVE central station, Darhk discloses to Adams he's rethinking their arrangement to simply kill Oliver for utilizing the "early birthday present" Merlyn gave him.

He goes into a room where there's a table brimming with men - including Merlyn - and various other HIVE agents on PC screens. At the point when one of the men on a screen addresses Adams' political astuteness, Darhk utilizes his brain/forces to choke the man. The table inquiries what to do about Lance, and Darhk says he will have it dealt with.

At Lance's office, Katie shows up to reveal to Lance he's stressed over him. He's not stressed, thinking the police office protects him from an assault, however gets a get and takes off to deal with it. She welcomes herself along to his supper with Donna.

At Oliver's loft, Donna is finishing for a commitment party when Thea comes to take Oliver for battle stuff. Obviously, during an assessment review in 2013, it came up that Moira Queen had composed a million-dollar check to Samantha Clayton. Thea asks whether she should investigate it, yet Oliver says not to, and makes light of worries that it could be applicable to his crusade.

On Lian Yu, Reiter carries Oliver to a room where men arebreaking rocks, saying that they have a lot to achieve together. One of the men there is enraged with Oliver for slaughtering Vlad and for being Reiter's pet. He asks the gatekeepers, who despite everything hold resentment against Oliver for what he did to Conklin, to disregard them, and they do.

In his vehicle, Lance is being barbecued by Laurel: for what reason is a chief being brought in to help on a breaking and entering? He repeats past comments that they're in need of help, and that it is anything but work for Black Canary, yet she's concerned. He heads into a structure with his firearm drawn, however similarly as he's fulfilled there's no one there, some portion of the structure crumples on him. Tree, who had been watching, gets him to get him out of the structure, yet it keeps self-destructing surrounding them. They at long last advance out, just to watch the highest levels of the structure crumbling.

At the Lair, Diggle is fixing up Lance, who discloses to them that he has no clue about what occurred. Arrow needs to go meet Donna, yet the group, persuaded it's Darhk who's behind it, will go look at it. Diggle, saying that Lyla is presently the head of ARGUS, offers to utilize their assets to investigate it while Oliver pardons himself for "banter prep."

Taiana and Oliver argue to different detainees for his life. They offer to save him on the off chance that he consents to execute Conklin. Taiana pulls him aside, and asks whether he's executed previously, beside her sibling. He says yes - that he's concerned murdering again will transform him into a beast like when he tormented the man in Hong Kong. She reveals to him great - it takes a beast to battle beasts.

At the crusade office, Donna comes to see Lance. He discloses to her that they have to enjoy a reprieve, in light of the fact that being with him is excessively perilous, however she's not hearing it. He discloses to her it's more confounded than she might suspect, and she reveals to him that she wouldn't like to take a break, yet needs to separate through and through on the off chance that he won't come clean with her about what's happening. She stomps out, passing Felicity, who comes to converse with him. She says she discovered something: the Star City Police Department was hacked, and the breaking and entering call really originated from the programmers, not from the police band.

As Team Arrow goes searching for them at an area Felicity gives from an IP follow, a gathering of reprobates are plotting. A man with a crowbar begins beating Diggle with it, and a lady begins shooting a powerful nailer at everyone around her. At the point when they escape from Team Arrow, they begin to wreck the industrial facility behind them. Thea heads back in to get their PC while the remainder of Team Arrow makes their break. She's about trapped in the structure as it crumples and detonates, yet figures out how to pull off the PC.

At the Lair, Diggle says Andy recognizes their assailants as the Demolition group. Felicity is attempting to recoup information from the severely harmed hard drive. Felicity gets a 911 book from her mom, and Oliver asks Lance for what reason. Arrow says he's fortunate he's with someone he doesn't need to keep insider facts from.

Reiter calls Oliver, saying he had the option to utilize Oliver's overview guides to unravel the stone Oliver gave last scene. It says the mission to discover extreme force on the island requires one who has been conceded section by the divine beings, as per the engraving on the stone. Conklin begins taking a gander at one of the materials, and Oliver snatches at him; the two get ready to battle.

At Oliver and Felicity's condo, Donna wails that she thought she had discovered someone who wouldn't mislead her. She is sorry for going obsessed with the commitment party arranging, yet that she's been living vicariously through Oliver and Felicity, who are "one of those couples that everybody has faith in." She says she simply needs to make herself part of something that wonderful. Felicity discloses to her that perhaps Lance is concealing things from her becuase he cherishes her, and she needs to restore that affection with a smidgen of trust.

At the crusade office, Thea is getting ready Oliver for the discussion. Before he leaves, Thea asks him for what reason he didn't come clean about heading off to college with Samantha. Thea, who's gotten her work done, has just made sense of that William is Oliver's child, and that is the thing that diverted him in Central City. Olvier reveals to Thea that Samantha constrained him to vow not to express anything to anybody. He's stressed that he can't wed Felicity if there's a lie between them.

Thea reveals to Oliver that Samantha is correct - that his life is risky, and avoiding William as much as possible and staying quiet about it is the best thing he can do. At the point when she says that "keeping William a mystery is protecting him," Oliver gets a call from Diggle. The Demolition Team utilizes a particular corrosive to debilitate building structures, and there's a distribution center around where it's put away. The pair show up, just to find that the corrosive is as of now gone - enough to do some gigantic harm.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity wheels in on Curtis, requesting that he help with the PC. He has her face on his screensaver, and he reveals to her it's for a wedding shock. She says it would be wise to be acceptable and he guarantees that it will be.

At the battle office, Lance comes to see Oliver, and they talk about how not staying quiet has helped Oliver be more joyful. Oliver discloses to him that he realizes Lance is misleading secure Donna.

After a fight, Oliver murders Conklin, whose perishing words are that Reiter is going to slaughter everybody notwithstanding.

Prior to the discussion, Thea is attempting to prepare Oliver. They meet Felicity and Donna; Donna pardons herself, and Felicity gets a call from Curtis: the structure the Demolition Team is intending to bring down is the one they're in.

After a speedy talk, Thea pulls the alarm to empty the structure. Ruve calls the Demolition Team to advise them not to let Oliver leave the structure alive. Outside, Donna needs to head back in to search for Oliver and Thea, yet she's halted by Lance, who does it without anyone's help.

Inside, Team Arrow is checking out the structure, attempting to make sense of how to take out the various charges. While they're attempting to deactivate them, one of the Demolition Team assaults Diggle, and a charge goes of close to Speedy and Black Canary. With Speedy dangling from a chain off an incredible tallness, Canary takes a couple of nails and starts dying.

After a long battle between the two groups, the explosives are totally deactivated. Arrow sends Oliver back to plan for the discussion.

Getting re-dressed and imagining he required a restroom break, Oliver prepares for the discussion. Felicity urges her mother to go converse with Lance once he's finished booking the miscreants.

Prior to the discussion, Oliver shakes Ruve's hand and uncovers he realizes she was the person who attempted to devastate the structure.

After the discussion, the press blesses Oliver the victor, however he's despite everything concerned.

Reiter tosses Oliver in a cell, disclosing to him that in the event that he keeps on being an issue, there are "various types of alive" he can keep Ollie. Oliver discloses to Taiana they doin't have a lot of time to spare the detainees.

At the commitment party, Oliver pawns their Ivy Town neighbor off on Diggle. It doesn't exactly work, however Donna summons them - at that point Lance comes in and requests to converse with Donna. He reveals to her that he deceived her since HIVE is attempting to murder him since he quit working with them. She eventually comprehends and they kiss.

Curtis comes to see Felicity, bringing her an "implantable bio-trigger" that he expectations can support her walk. The force cell they've been taking a shot at is the main thing he's yet discovered that could control it. Oliver and Felicity are charmed.

At home, Damien Darhk brings William to acquaint with his little girl, saying that his mom approached Darhk to look atfter him for some time.


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Preparation ran from December 4 until December 14, 2015. The first part of shooting ran from December 15 until December 18, 2015. The second part of shooting ran from January 5 until January 8, 2016.[1]




  • This episode shares its title with the 1985 Chuck Norris film of the same name, Code of Silence.
  • This episode introduces the Demolition Team. In the DC comics, they are traditionally enemies to Green Lantern and Superman.
  • Oliver tells Curtis Holt that he's "terrific", which is a reference to his comic counterpart's codename, Mister Terrific.
    • This is also a foreshadowing of Curtis becoming Mr. Terrific in Season 5.
  • This episode marks Lyla Michaels becoming the new director of A.R.G.U.S..
  • At Oliver's and Felicity's engagement party, Laura Hoffman, their former neighbor from Ivy Town, says she has the perfect wedding gift for them. Felicity guesses it's a slow cooker. This is a reference to "Green Arrow" when Laura and Adam Hoffman recommended Oliver and Felicity buy a slow cooker.


  • Around 34:30, as Thea and Laurel fight Rosie and the camera closes in on Diggle, the cameraman's shadow is clearly in sight.