The Cold gun is a weapon used by Leo Snart when he is out on the field as his alter-ego.


Sometime before or during 2017, Leo obtained the Cold Gun and used it to save Ray Terrill and fight the Nazis. Leo briefly became a Legends and used the gun on his missions, before returning to Earth-X.[1][2][3][4]

In 2018, Siren-X stole the gun to take Caitlin Snow, Joe West, and Neil Borman hostage and later used it to kill an officer of Earth-1's CCPD. Leo retrieved his gun after Siren was defeated.[5]



Caitlin and Leo cool down Fallout.

  • Absolute zero blast: In actual fact, the gun contains a micro-engine that generates a blast or beam of absolute zero or subzero cold. The engine projects the cold as a blast that can freeze anything on impact.[1]


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