"About 24, 25 years ago, a neighboring Earth invaded our planet through a breach and almost destroyed the place. So to prevent it from happening again, they banned all inter-dimensional travel. And then they put the Collectors in place to punish those of us who violated the ban."
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The Collectors, also known as the Collector Agency or the Breacher Agency,[1] are a law enforcement agency from Earth-19 that enforce the world's ban on inter-dimensional travel.


The Collectors are an organization from Earth-19 that are tasked with overseeing the ban on inter-dimensional travel. Ever since Earth-19 had been invaded by a neighboring and hostile Earth that nearly destroyed theirs, a ban was placed on their citizens against traveling through the multiverse. Their job is to catch anyone from their Earth that violate the ban and return them to face trial and execution.[2]

Among the Collectors is Gypsy who is said to be a legend on Earth-19 as she had never lost a battle. In 2017, she was dispatched to hunt down H.R. Wells who had violated the ban to go to Earth-1 and had been sending back chapters of his book about his exaggerated accounts of Team Flash's adventures with him as the central hero. After losing a fight to Cisco Ramon, she decided to spare H.R. with the condition that he never return to their Earth again.[2]

Some time later, Gypsy's superior, Accelerated Man, sent her to hunt down another breacher to Earth-2. However, Gypsy was instead captured and mind-controlled by Grodd,[3] who used her to open a breach to Earth-1 through which he led his army of gorillas from Gorilla City to attack Central City. Grodd sent Gypsy to attack Team Flash, but they managed to subdue her and free her from Grodd. After explaining what had happened, she decided to leave them to go back to do her job, believing they could take Grodd without her.[4]

After succeeding in apprehending the Earth-2 breacher, Gypsy went back to Earth-19, where she met with he Accelerated Man in a rainy outdoor area and informed him of her success, handing him pictures of the captured breacher. He thanked her and left, after which Cisco appeared to talk to Gypsy to convince her to return to help out on Earth-1 because only she knew how to find Solovar, the only one capable of fighting Grodd. She helped him and afterwards celebrated the victory with Team Flash, which led to her passionately kissing Cisco before returning to Earth-19.[4]

Leaving from Earth-1, Gypsy and Breacher left to attend to a code 17 breach.[5]

Since Josh was too old, he lost the ability to launch waves and could no longer work as a Collector. He retired to another Earth and left a vacant job opening for Cisco.[6]

Cisco did not want to join the Collectors, and Gypsy didn't want him to either, so they broke up, although they remained on good terms. Cisco and Gypsy reunited for a last time on the Collectors' Headquarters.[7]

Known members

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Powers and abilities

  • Dimensional energy manipulation (presumed): It appears to be standard for their organization that the majority of the Collectors have a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing them to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and manipulate them for various effects.


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