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Not to be confused with Ronald Collins or Daniel Collins

"I got through basic training no sweat, but this is my first day in the soup. And I don't want to be scared, but I am a little."
"Fear is part of war, the part that keeps us alive. See these stripes? They give me strength, clarity. Right or wrong, up and down, they tell me what to do, which means that fear can kiss my 6."
—Collins and John Diggle[src]

Private Collins (died October 2016) was a soldier in the United States Army. He was killed by corrupt military general J.G. Walker as part of a plan to frame John Diggle for theft of weapons of mass destruction.


Collins joined the United States Army in fall 2016 and traveled to base in Camp Braidwood, Latvia. In October 2016, General J.G. Walker debriefed the group on an operation to supposedly retrieve a trigger from a Genesis Day missile before it fell into the hands of Chechen rebels. Afterwards, Collins expressed to Sergeant John Diggle his fear of fighting in a real war, outside of basic training. Diggle assured him that fear keeps a soldier alive, but it is the symbol of America which keeps them going.[1]

The next night during the extract mission, the rebels ambushed Collins' unit, killing several soldiers and injuring him. Diggle took Collins to safety and bandaged his bullet wound. Collins was reluctant to return to the field after the ambush, but Diggle reminded the former of his words earlier. However, Collins was eventually captured by some rogue soldiers and executed by Walker, who shot him several times through the chest.[1]



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