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"There ain't no way off this plantation, Mr. Jackson."
Abraham to an imprisoned Jefferson Jackson[src]

The Collins Plantation was a farm in Mississippi owned by Daniel Collins and operated by his slaves during the Civil War. The farmhouse was burnt down in 1863 during an aberration.


Daniel Collins owned the plantation. At some point, Collins acquired the slaves Mary and Abraham and put them to work on the farm, along with the numerous other slaves he owned.

In 1863, Union General Ulysses S. Grant gave orders to Henry Scott to infiltrate the plantation to steal the Confederacy's battle plans. However, Scott died from a time aberration caused by a time pirate's crash-landing, which exposed Confederate troops to a "zombie virus".

Jefferson Jackson took up Scott's mission and snuck into the plantation disguised as a slave while Collins was hosting a cotillion. Jax was later captured after bumping into a white woman and chained in a barn on the plantation's grounds. He learned from Mary, Abraham, and the other slaves of how Collins used brutal methods to keep order at his plantation which included hunting dogs, castration, whipping, and torture.

Jefferson Jackson, Amaya, and the slaves watch Collins Plantation burn

The plantation burning.

Amaya Jiwe later arrived to rescue Jax. At the same time, the plantation came under attack from hordes of Confederate zombie soldiers. In the ensuing chaos, Jax took Abraham to steal the Confederate plans while Amaya led the rest of the slaves to safety. Collins ran into Jax and Abraham but stubbornly refused to work with them to survive, consequently perishing at the hands of the zombies. After retrieving the plans, Jax used a lantern to set fire to the plantation and kill the zombies. As Jax and Abraham regrouped with Amaya and escaped to freedom, they looked back at the plantation going up in flames.[1]

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