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"We should acknowledge the fact that going after our former teammates may be a line we can never uncross."
"I agree. But they crossed it first."
John Diggle and Oliver Queen

"Collision Course" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 1, 2018.



"Collision Course" starts with Oliver being informed on the murder of Cayden James while in the police station. Oliver then starts a Team Arrow meeting, where a few members express their disappointment with the city not having gotten the cash they wired to Cayden.

Oliver pauses for a minute to talk with Lance and Thea, and he cautions Lance that Dinah is out of control attempting to find and kill Black Siren.

Dinah and another police investigator enter Oliver's office and advise him that Cayden's seaward record has been purged, and they have no follow-ups for who took it. Oliver cautions the team that if the cash isn't returned within 48 hours, Star City's economy will suffer a crushing end.

The following day, Dinah comes back with the investigator and the two uncover the withdrawal logs from the bank and have security camera footage of Laurel making the withdrawal.

We at that point see that Lance has taken Laurel to a cottage after their past fight. He's been dealing with her gunshot wound.

The following day, Lance is talking with Oliver and Thea at the workplace. They're brainstorming ways on the most proficient way to find Laurel, but Lance doesn't tell the siblings he's been dealing with her.

Curtis, Rene, and Dinah are back at the scene where Laurel was shot. Utilizing the new innovation Curtis made, they discover that Laurel was hauled away from the scene, in spite of the fact that they're not able to discover who it was that hauled her away.

Oliver is back at the lair with Laurel. They bond over their basic love of prepared soup when we see that Thea has followed Lance to the cottage and is staring at the pair through a window.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go to a similar rear entryway and furthermore discover that Black Siren was taken from the scene. They go to Team Arrow 2.0's lair and question the trio on the off chance that they took Laurel or not. The strained argument closes with Oliver sticking Rene against the wall as Diggle and Felicity search the dugout for Laurel. They don't find anything and leave.

When Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity leave, Rene tells his accomplices that he planted one of Curtis' listening chips on Oliver. Presently, New Team Arrow will have the option to hear the entirety of their plans.

At Lance's cottage, Thea enters and approaches him about concealing Laurel. Thea calls Oliver and puts Laurel on speakerphone. Laurel discloses to Oliver the main way she'll give the cash back is for the group to assist her with escaping the country without getting injured by Dinah.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity agreee to help, and while going to Lance's lodge, they're trailed by New Team Arrow. Oliver and friends in the end lose NTA and dispatch of the GPS beacon that was set on Oliver.

New Team Arrow conceptualizes an approach to discover Oliver and friends, and Curtis reveals he has a way, however it will greatly hurt Diggle.

At the lodge, Diggle starts to squirm miserably. Curtis has hacked the implant in his arm to utilize it to follow Diggle's area.

As Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, and Lance go to move Laurel, they're met outside by Dinah, Curtis, and Rene. The two groups begin battling as Lance and Laurel escape into the forested areas behind the lodge. Dinah follows the pair and starts battling with Lance.

Dinah takes Lance out and is going to execute Laurel as Curtis strolls in and convinces Dinah to stop. Laurel gathers enough capacity to utilize her powers to hold Curtis and Dinah back as she gets away.

The two groups meet in the forested areas to keep battling, however it's uncovered that Rene's been greatly injured.

The Original Team Arrow is meeting at their refuge and discuss on whether to go to the hospital to see Rene. The team ultimately chooses to go to see how their former teammate is getting along.

Dinah and Curtis are talking in the sitting area, and Curtis consoles Dinah that they'll follow Laurel and capture her.

Oliver returns into the Bunker and gets ready to tell his team that they couldn't recover the cash that was wired to Cayden James. Oliver tells his associates that he's uncertain whether they'll ever recoup the cash.

Dinah and Curtis learn that Rene's wounds are a lot worse than they suspected, and he'll be moved to a greater emergency clinic outside of Star City.

Somewhere else, Laurel appears by a distribution center and lies that she was kidnapped with the goal that one of the laborers will support her.


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  • As is often the case, the banking procedures in this episode are telegenic but do not match reality:
    • A person does not need to travel to the country of the bank in order to withdraw funds unless an in-person meeting is required for the bank's own policy, but nearly every bank will accept a faxed signed letter of authorization.
    • An accountant can not withdraw funds from a bank account unless he has been authorized by the account owner.
    • $70 million should not need to be withdrawn in cash (the reason for doing it in person), as that would be excessively bulky in any extant US dollar denomination.
    • There is no such thing as a "withdrawal log," although records are usually kept of wire recipients.
    • Money cannot be withdrawn as bearer bonds; bearer bonds are issued by a company (or the government), not by a bank and not for purposes of withdrawing funds.