Colorado is a state in the United States. It contained the town of Liberty and the nearby Summit Pass in 1874.


The town of Liberty was settled in Colorado sometime prior to 1874. The nearby Summit Pass was a railroad pass constructed to ferry supplies and people to the western United States and was strategically important as an access point to the entire west. By 1874, Liberty was taken over by the outlaw Quentin Turnbull and functioned as a mining town for dwarf star ore. Turnbull targeted Summit Pass in his effort to form his own country by planning to destroy the pass with a train full of the dwarf star ore. However, Jonah Hex and the Legends intervened and thwarted his plan which meant Colorado continued as part of the United States.[1]

Aberration timeline

In an alternate timeline, Quentin Turnbull was successful in blowing up Summit Pass which cut off the U.S. Army from the western United States allowing him to establish Turnbull Country, which included much of Colorado.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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