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"We've got two dead guards and one hell of a mess. Your team was on-site. I think you better start talking."
Dinah Drake interrogates Oliver Queen

"Confessions" is the twentieth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 29, 2019.



"Confessions" begins with Oliver being examined concerning the homicide of two Transit System security Rosenberg And Kim

atches the the watchmen.

The gatekeepers were slaughtered in a battle trying to stop a biochemical assault by Emiko and the Ninth Circle. Team Arrow called Roy Harper in to assist with the circumstance. Through the course of events, Emiko is working legitimately with Mr. Toth, the CEO of Aerodyne, and that is the reason he didn't need the assurance of Team Arrow from the Ninth circle — in light of the fact that he's in on the advancement of the biochemical weapon.

At first, Dinah associates Roy with slaughtering the watchmen yet the buck in a split second gets to Rene, as he was the last one situated by the cops after they were shot. Rene inevitably neglects it that Oliver was the first on the scene, making the police think he was the killer. Getting addressed once more, Oliver concedes that Emiko was the one to slaughter the watchmen.

After all individuals from Team Arrow are discharged, the whole battle is observed and it's uncovered Dinah has been working with Team Arrow from the start, lying so the cops wouldn't be dubious of any individuals from Team Arrow. Roy is revealed to cudgel the gatekeepers to death angrily. The group cooperated to cover everything up and shield Roy from murder allegations.

Roy explains to Oliver that he was murdered from Thanatos Guild and was revived by a Lazarus Pit, giving him the bloodlust as he once had when he got Mirakuru in the past. Simply at that point, the group is made aware of Emiko's area. They track her down yet she's able to get away. When Oliver finds her, Emiko admits that she delivered the missing security footage from Metro Subway to SCPD, thus framing the whole case to Team Arrow. The scene closes with Emiko advising Oliver that she took part in devastating the Gambit, unintentionally causing their dad's passing.


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  • The episode's title is a reference to Emiko's confession to Oliver about her role in the sabotage of the Queen's Gambit.
  • It has been revealed that Roy had been fatally injured by an arrow between the events of "The Thanatos Guild" and this episode, but got healed by Thea and Nyssa by using one of the Lazarus Pits before destroying said Pit.
    • However, for some unknown reason (speculated by Roy to have something to do with having previously been injected with Mirakuru, even though he'd been cured of the Mirakuru's effects), the Lotus elixir that takes away the blood-lust that comes from being resurrected by the Pit didn't work on him like it should've.
  • This is the second episode in the seventh season that has no flashforwards, the first being "Inheritance".


  • While Roy is avoiding the ground, as to not set off any alarms, a rope is seen as he lands in the middle.
  • While interrogating Oliver, the SCPD officer with Dinah wonders how Oliver knows that the new Green Arrow was a female. In contrast, in the episode "Emerald Archer", Emiko was taken to the hospital after being attacked by Chimera while dressed up as the new Green Arrow. As such, Oliver knew that the new Green Arrow was a woman without having to know her specifically.
  • When Rene is recounting his version of events, he states that Oliver got there before him. This contrasts with Diggle's prior story. When Diggle arrived, if he saw Rene, he would've seen Oliver too, just as Rene claimed to.