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"Lena, I'm asking you as a friend."
"We're not friends."
"We used to be.
Andrea Rojas and Lena Luthor on the status of their friendship

"Confidence Women" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-third episode overall. It aired on November 10, 2019.




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The scene opens with Rip Roar at the DEO. They've brought in William to attempt to arrive at Russell - the man who became Rip Roar. They're planning to discover who he is working for however they can't generally evacuate the innovation lashed to him so the Truth Seeker can't work. About that time the DEO is invaded by a shadowy reprobate who is obviously after Rip Roar. The miscreant escapes, yet it ends up being Andrea. We've quite recently met Acrata.

Andrea then appears at Lena's looking for her assistance to break into the DEO. She uncovers to Lena that she realizes who is behind the tsunami, that she works for them, however that she can't uncover who this is on the grounds that they will execute her. They additionally need her to slaughter Rip Roar, yet she wouldn't like. She needs Lena's assistance to get the opportunity to Rip Roar and offers to their kinship. Lena says they aren't companions. In any case, they used to be.

Flashback, 15 years prior at life experience school. They bond over being jettisoned by their folks and end up at a gathering where they keep on holding over underage drinking and films and a shared love of Titanic. Little Lena additionally discloses to Andrea an anecdote about the Medallion of Acrata, something her mom had been fixated on.

Another flashback, this time Metropolis five years back. Lena is with Lex where he uncovers his arrangements for Luthor Corps and he basically fires Lena for not helping him murder Superman. In her home, Andrea discovers that her dad needs to auction most of Obsidian since contenders are beating them every step of the way. She and Lena meet, and Lena uncovers she's discovered the one thing Lex needs to murder Superman and plans to stop him by getting to it first - turns out it's associated with the Medallion of Acrata.

They go on their mission. Andrea falls into a concealed pit and is drawn closer by an elderly person in the pit and is enrolled by Leviathan. On the off chance that she takes the Medallion, they will spare her dad. Hesitantly, Andrea does as such and is told to keep it on her consistently and some time or another Leviathan will approach her. Lena makes it into the pit simply at that point, however finds the Medallion proceeded to be crushed. Afterward, Andrea takes a gander at the Medallion when she gets news that Lord's innovation bombs inciting Obsidian to succeed.

Four years back, Lex is captured, and Lena goes to London with her beau Jack Spheer (Rahul Kohli) and reconnects with Andrea just to see her wearing a neckband of the Medallion. Lena understands her companion took it and it closes their kinship on account of Andrea's treachery. As time advances, Lena, fixated on halting Lex and accomplishing something great drives her to leave Jack with the goal that she can go to National City and reclaim the Luthor name. Somewhere else, Andrea has a beverage with Russell. It's their meet charming. We keep on traveling through time and witness the start of Lena and Kara's kinship and the advancement of Andrea and Russell's relationship, yet Leviathan appears and drafts Andrea into administration, making her kill somebody for them or they'll guarantee her dad's self destruction. She's told to utilize the Medallion and it transforms her into Acrata. She executes the man as trained.

Russell finds the Medallion while Andrea showers and Leviathan appears. To spare his life, Andrea persuades Leviathan to acquire him and keeping in mind that she watches, they transform him into Rip Roar. We advance so as to Lex uncovering Supergirl's personality to Lena and it brings Andrea and Lena once again into contact as Lena chooses to utilize Andrea as a component of her arrangement to get at Kara by getting Andrea to purchase CatCo. In the present, Andrea opens up to her about the Medallion and gives her how it functions. Lena consents to support her. At the DEO, Rip Roar enlightens Supergirl concerning Leviathan.

Lena arranges a crisis for Supergirl, incepts the DEO and Acrata gets in. Supergirl shows up yet Acrata takes Rip Roar. At Lena's, Lena requests the Medallion from Andrea. She incepts Russell and utilizations that to compel Andrea to give her the Medallion. Supergirl shares the name Leviathan with the group and Kara discloses to William Rip Roar escaped. Somewhere else, Leviathan murders Russell and reveals to Andrea she can never get away from the dimness. Lena has the Medallion deciphered: Leviathan.




  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Azie Tesfai (Kelly Olsen) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • The name of the Scotch that Andrea and Lena drink, Van Horne, could be a reference to Van Horn Industries, a technology company located in Earth-1's Star City. This could possibly imply that Van Horne produces drinks on Earth-38 rather than technology.
  • The nickname Andrea's father, Bernado, calls her ("mi cielito") means "my little sky" in Spanish.
  • There is no Mount Helena Boarding School. However, there is a private school Mount Helena Primary School in Australia.
  • Andrea Rojas was born and raised in Argentina alongside her father.
  • Jon Cryer makes an uncredited appearance as Lex Luthor.
  • This episode had a large number of flashbacks including:
  • In a flashback:


  • Supergirl saved the school bus in "The Quest for Peace", 10 weeks ago, however, the episode claimed 2 weeks later Lena Luthor called Andrea Rojas into her office to negotiate selling CatCo Worldwide Media. However, Lena had already sold CatCo in "The Quest for Peace", before Supergirl saved the school bus.
  • The flashback of when Lena and Andrea met each other takes place 15 years ago, although Lena is 26, which would make her only 11 years old at the time. This is impossible, because they would not have been able to pass as 21-year-olds at the bar, if that was the case.
  • When Lena and Andrea discuss Lex's war on Superman, Lena brings up Kryptonite, and the two discuss it. However, J'onn J'onzz has claimed to have coined the name "Kryptonite", so it is unclear how Lex started calling it that. This goof has been repeated several times in the show.