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Conklin (died 2011) was a mercenary working for Baron Reiter as a part of his Shadowspire cultivation operation.


Cultivation operation on Lian Yu[]

After Oliver Queen stopped a Slam worker from running away, Conklin asked if Oliver was going to ask him to surrender, before knocking the worker out. When Oliver asked what the product was, he told him it was a hybrid of heroine and cocaine. Shortly after, a mercenary reported of a whole cake of Slam missing, in which Conklin deduced the runner was a distraction. Conklin told the other mercenaries to round up the workers so they could learn who stole the slam. Conklin told the workers to come clean. As none of them did, Conklin executed a worker. Before he could execute another, he was stopped by Oliver, who told him he has a way to extract information from people. After a woman came clean to stop Oliver from torturing a worker, Conklin pointed a gun at her. Conklin was told by Oliver that Baron Reiter won't be pleased if he learned he had been exterminating his work force. Conklin was told by Oliver that he could take her somewhere on the island where she can't be found. Conklin agreed but sent a mercenary to follow.[1]

When Oliver returned and reported the mercenary had died from a landmine, Conklin became skeptical on Oliver. He asked why none of the mercenaries had died until Oliver showed up. Conklin then asked Oliver to bring him to the woman's body. On the way, Conklin noted that Oliver didn't sound like a man who committed murder for the first time. When they arrived at the cave, Conklin checked the woman's pulse and found none. Conklin told Oliver to get rid of her body as the cave could be useful. Conklin later wandered off and found Oliver's kit supplied by A.R.G.U.S.[2]

Conklin approached Oliver, revealing he was aware Oliver is undercover. Conklin then took Oliver to Reiter. When he tried to report Oliver, Reiter told them there were bigger issues as Reiter had found John Constantine snooping around. When Reiter told Oliver to follow Constantine and obtain what Constantine was looking for, Conklin told Reiter Oliver couldn't be trusted. Soon after, Constantine broke free of his cuffs and Conklin was knocked out by the former.[3]

Conklin voiced his concerns to Reiter for trusting Oliver, although he is a mole. After Oliver departs when he and Conklin deliver food to the Slam workers, Conklin conspires with a Slam worker named Vlad Venediktov to kill Oliver. Vlad attacked Oliver and tried to drown him, but Oliver started to run to the shore. Oliver then broke Vlad's neck, killing him. Conklin witnessed the whole fight with the Slam workers, proclaiming that he better have a heck of a story to go along with Vlad's body.[4]

Conklin and Oliver brought their stories to Reiter with Oliver arguing that Conklin set Vlad up to kill him as he had it out for him from day one. Using a "spell", Reiter determined that Conklin was lying and had his men take Conklin away. Oliver was then ordered to whip Conklin for his betrayal, despite the latter pleading and apologizing.[5]

Conklin discovered Oliver and Taiana Venediktov on the Lian Yu shore after Oliver was injured by a shark while swimming back from retrieving papers from the sunken Amazo ship. Conklin was shocked that Taina was very much alive and remarked that not only was Oliver a spy, he was also a liar and he was going to have fun tearing Oliver apart.[6]

Conklin delivered Oliver and Taiana to Reiter, also handing him Oliver's backpack with maps salvaged from the Amazo. Reiter handed him over into Conklin's custody to be killed, now officially done trusting Oliver, but Conklin instead wanted payback on Oliver and whipped him severely in front of Reiter, Taiana, and his comrades. Conklin was stopped by Reiter, who noticed the spell on Oliver's torso glowing when near the Orb of Horus and despite the pleas of Conklin, he was ordered to take Oliver and Taiana to prison. Conklin vowed to give the Chinese a run for their money and that he would have uninterrupted time with Oliver once he became expendable to Reiter.[7]

Oliver conspired with the Slam cultivators to kill Conklin in order to prove that he was there to save them and take out Reiter. After being left alone watching over Oliver when Reiter departed from his office, Conklin noticed Oliver attempting to stab him through his reflection in the mirror and engaged in a fight, vowing to kill Taiana after he is done with Oliver. During the fight, Oliver stabbed Conklin in the chest as he warned Oliver that Reiter was going to kill everyone on the island before dying.[8]

A primordial energy takes the form of the deceased Conklin, standing in front of a cave entrance and spoke in tongues that everyone was going to die. After Reiter left Taiana and Oliver alone in the room and noticing the spell on Oliver's torso, deemed him worthy to pass before disappearing.[9]


Despite his sadistic nature, Conklin is quite loyal to Baron Reiter, although his loyalty causes him to behave out of order and make him look like the traitor. This would happen when he convinced a prisoner to kill Oliver Queen and try to frame Oliver when Reiter refused to believe he was a mole. This would cause him to be punished severely.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Conklin displayed proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
    • Military training: Conklin as a mercenary has served in the army and received extensive military training.
      • Expert knife wielder: Conklin was able to keep up with Oliver in an intense knife fight. He managed to slash and even disarm Oliver before he ended up killed with his own knife.
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former soldier and mercenary, Conklin was in top physical condition.



Season 4

Season 5


  • Conklin nicknamed Vlad "Ukraine", and his sister Taiana "Miss Ukraine". However, this is incorrect as they were both Russian.