Cooking is a multiverse-wide concept of preparing food for consumption as opposed to eating it as is. While an essential survival skill and concept, it's entirely possible to survive with precooked food in urban settlements provided by specialized business.[1]


A typical kitchen as seen in Cisco Ramon's apartment during Barry Allen's preparation of breakfast. Evident are (from left to right): garlic, bell peppers, chicken eggs, half-cooked scrambled eggs, roasting bacon, toasts, butter and a toaster.

Known dishes

Curtis and Gail Knox with a casserole prepared by the former.

Brands of pre-cooked food

Known methods

Known tools



Technically, the first instance of cooking on Earth-1 occurred in 70 million B.C., when a time-stranded Ray Palmer learned how to cook dinosaur eggs on his own.[16]

Being alive since at least 1700 B.C., Vandal Savage was able to master cooking over time. While on a time-traveling mission in 1958, Ray praised Savage's casserole dish, which was the latter's trademark recipe as Dr. "Curtis Knox".[1]

By the 21st century, cooking is considered an art, with many preparing elaborate dishes for both meals and entertainment. Professional cooks, known as chefs, even cook in competitions, often featured on reality shows such as MasterChef.[10]

Known users

Master-level cooks

Basic-to-Moderate-level cooks

Specialized businesses







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