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Cora Lewis (died December 13, 2015)[1] was the adoptive mother of Ryan Wilder.


Early life

At some point, Cora adopted Ryan Wilder from foster care,[2] separating Ryan from her best friend Angelique Martin.[3][4] Cora and Ryan developed a strong mother-daughter relationship over time where Cora helped Ryan graduate from high school, allowing Ryan to find a good job. As Cora raised Ryan, her adopted daughter came out as a lesbian, to which Cora was very accepting.[2]


Cora and Ryan move to their new apartment.

On December 13, 2015[1], Cora and Ryan moved into a new apartment. There, they were attacked by the Wonderland gang who killed their landlord before they murdered Cora. They attempted to kill Ryan, only to be stopped by the arrival of their leader, Alice who ordered them to leave. Once they were gone, Ryan tried to save her mom by using CPR, only to discover that Cora had died from her injuries.

Cora dies in Ryan's arms.

After Cora's death, Ryan ultimately was reduced to living in a van with no employment. Ryan continued to mourn for her adopted mother and kept one of Cora's plants as a way to give herself some company and keep her mother close to her.[2]


"My mom meant everything to me!"
—Ryan Wilder[src]

Cora photo.

Ryan kept a photo of Cora with her plant in her van.

Ryan originally wanted the Batwoman suit so that she could take revenge on Alice for Cora's death, telling Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton such when they tried to retrieve it.

Mary read about Cora's death when she was researching Ryan's past and could relate to Ryan's feelings about losing her mother, as Mary had lost her own mother, Catherine Hamilton-Kane to Alice.[2]

Upon meeting Alice, Ryan attempted to kill her to avenge Cora; Alice summoned a swarm of bats during their fight to distract and escape Ryan.[5]

Upon Luke's revealing that he saw Alice at Sophie Moore's condo, Ryan became upset that Luke did not have Alice arrested, citing that Alice killed Cora.[3]

As Ryan suffered from Kryptonite poisoning, she had hallucinations about Cora. Ryan eventually finds and confronts Alice; during the fight, where Ryan reveals her secret identity to Alice, a vision of Cora caused Ryan not to strangle Alice to death and allow her to flee.[1]

Teamed with Alice to find Angelique Martin, Batwoman asks her how she could allow Cora to die and not even remember who she was. Later, in a desperate attempt to save herself from the killing blow of Circe Sionis, Alice tells Batwoman that she remembers Cora, down to the outfit Cora wore the night she died; though Batwoman hesitated, she proceeded to leave Alice to her fate.[6]

Batwoman explains to Safiyah Sohail that Alice killed Cora and the Desert Rose plant she has is the only reminder she has left of her departed mother, but Batwoman is willing to trade the plant for Alice's freedom; Safiyah is touched by the sacrifice, accepts the trade, and withholds from killing Alice.[7]



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