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Corey Wellnitz is a student at Smallville High School and a member of the Smallville Crows.


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Corey is a student at Smallville High School and a wide receiver for the Smallville Crows.

During the Crows' home opener, Corey had a difficult time catching the ball during the rain. When the team went to Victoria May's to celebrate, Corey overheard Tag Harris saying that the team might not make playoffs due to Corey's lackluster performance. Corey insulted Tag by calling him poor and telling the waitress to have Tag pay before he eats. Though Tag had a broken arm, he jumped up to fight; Jonathan Kent and Sean Smith separated the two. Days later, Corey had a party for the students at his parents' lake house. Tag broke a piece of furniture; when Corey confronted him, Tag quickly ran away.[1]

Corey went to the Harvest Festival with his friends. They found Jonathan Kent and offered him a drink. They drunkenly made fun of Jordan and Sarah Cushing, and Sarah stormed off in disgust at their behavior.[2] After winning the football game in Metropolis, Corey was with the other players who invited the Kent brothers to party with them. He witnessed when Jimmy Cutter teased Jordan, before Jordan accidentally hurt Jonathan.[3]

After Morgan Edge was exposed as a criminal, the DOD occupied Smallville. Later at school, Corey, Sean Smith, Malcolm Teague and Timmy Ryan try to get Jon to reveal what the DOD is still doing in Smallville, but to no avail.[4] Corey went to the party at Timmy Ryan' house. At the party, they turned on the TV and saw that Morgan Edge was attacking Metropolis. When General Sam Lane arrived to pick up Jon and Jordan, Corey tried to hide the drinks.[5]

In the classroom, Corey overheard Sarah telling Jordan that her father had cheated on her mother.[6]


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