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For the eponymous location, see Corto Maltese (Earth-1).
"Every warrior must learn the simple truth: that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional."
Malcolm Merlyn training Thea

"Corto Maltese" is the third episode of the third season of Arrow, and the forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on October 22, 2014.



In a flashback to six months before, Thea joins her father in a limo. She asks him where they are going and he tells her that it was up to her. He wants no one to know he was alive. She tells him she doesn't want to know pain anymore so he should teach her.

In the present, Oliver as the Arrow is chasing after a guy and then captures him with his arrow. The person tells him that it was a lady who must've killed Sara. However Oliver tells them that it was a dead end. He then declares that he needs to bring Thea home.

Oliver learns that Felicity found Thea in Corto Maltese not Italy. Roy decides to come with Oliver.

Dig is watching baby Sara when Lyla walks in. He fills Lyla in on Oliver going to Corto and Lyla asks him to join Oliver to check in on an agent that was there. Dig agrees to go.

In the Wildcat gym, Laurel approaches Ted Grant and asks him about one of his students. Ted said that the person she was looking for had been with him the night before. However he was lying due to protecting the kid. He then hands her a fight class pamphlet.

Oliver, Roy and Diggle arrive in Corto Maltese. Oliver heads off alone to see his sister. He knocks on the door and says, "Thea." Inside the house, Malcolm Merlyn held a bow and arrow at the door. Malcolm remembers when he got her to drink meditative tea the first time many months ago. He then pours hot water on his hand, freaking Thea out. She begs him not to do it to her but he grasps her hand claiming that she had asked him to teach her.

Oliver is told by a gardener where to find Thea. He shows up at Thea's work and she smiles when she sees him. Later they sit together and he complements her haircut. She apologizes for lying about Italy. He tells her that he understood why she left after mom but he missed her and would like it if she came home with him. She told him that she loved him but was never coming back.

Months ago, Thea is feeling weak for not being able to take the hot water.

Felicity arrives at work and learns that she wasn't Ray's assistant but that she had one. She was then given the server to the applied sciences division. She then learns that they had been in her office the entire time when he leaves. Oliver joins Dig on his mission. He then meets the man and learns that Shaw is very jumpy. He follows him away and how he had eyes on him. He said that someone had acquired A.R.G.U.S files that included information about spouses and children of agents.

Laurel heads to a meeting and is speaking. When she spots her father, she stops talking. One of the other members bring up how her boyfriend has been hurting her when he drinks. Laurel later talks to her father about it.

In Corto Maltese, Oliver is watching Dig and Shaw show up where they are supposed to go. Dig figured out that his weapon was compromised. Shaw then shoots at Oliver after knocking out Dig. Oliver then goes after Dig and watchs the car drive off.

Thea is taking out the trash when she knocks it down. Roy approaches and helps her pick it up. He tries to talk her into returning to Starling. She tells him that she likes not being known as Thea Queen or Thea Merlyn. He tells her that he is glad she was happy. He then leaves and that is when Malcolm walks up.

In the flashback, Thea learns that her father is going to train her like he was. He hits her and then grabs a sword.

Dig calls Lyla and fills her in. However A.R.G.U.S agents can't get there in time.

Felicity reading Iris' blog

Felicity is at work with Ray when Dig and Laurel both call for favors. Dig wants information about the buy whereas Laurel wants to go after the boyfriend of the AA girl.

Oliver decides to tell Thea everything as he doesn't have a choice.

That night, Laurel goes after the boyfriend but is in way over her head as she gets knocked out pretty easily. She then goes to the hospital where her father finds her. Quentin asks her what she was thinking but she refuses to tell him about Sara. He says that she isn't her sister or the Arrow. He makes her promise not to do anything like this again.

Oliver meets up with Thea and tells her that she was right. He tells her that he is afraid of losing her forever if she knew the truth from the five years. She promises to always see him as her brother but she was upset about him lying to her about who her father was. He tells her that Robert made it off the gambit and killed himself. He tells her that Robert and Moira sacrificed themselves so they could live. He says that he needs her and asked her to consider what he was saying. He then gets up and leaves.

Dig, Oliver, and Roy are waiting when Shaw and his buyer show up for the information. The man shows him the transporter which is when they weapon up. Roy learns that Oliver had made the weapons from their hotel room. An army show up and its not A.R.G.U.S. but the army that Shaw hired. Oliver, Dig and Roy are going after the army. Roy is surprised when Oliver asks Dig for his gun and shoots it, killing multiple men. "I never said I didn't know how to use a gun," Oliver says.

Oliver shoots one of the tires as Dig fights Shaw as does Roy. He then grabs the computer as Shaw wants to be dead instead of dealing with Waller.

Thea talks to Malcolm about returning to Starling. She decides to prove to him that she was different. They grabs swords and begin to fight, destroying art. She then wins and he tells her that it looks like she was going home. "I'll be seeing you soon," he says after she asks if he let her win.

At the airport, Oliver, Roy and Dig wait for Thea. Oliver is despondent until Roy notices Thea show up. She sits down next to him. A man nearby accidentally knocks hot coffee onto Thea's hand and instead of reacting, she just wipes it off her hand.

Oliver returns to Verdant to find Laurel there. He wonders why she was beat up and fills him in on what happened. He tells her that Sara had training and she asks him for help training. He tells her no and is surprised. He repeats no over and over. He then tells her to consider how her father would react. He tells her that Sara would never forgive him if he trained her.

Dig returns home and tells Lyla he loves her. Sara is asleep and Dig looks at her. Lyla then says she has to go in for work.

Quentin shows up and spots the guy who Laurel fought but doesn't know anything about Laurel. Laurel meets Ted again.

Felicity manages to fix the data. She then asks for vacation to go see Barry. He lets her go.

Ray looks into top secret weapons that Queen Consolidated were working on. Roy and Oliver talk about Thea being different. That is when Nyssa shows up asking about Sara.


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Preparation ran from July 22 until July 30, 2014. Filming ran from July 31 until August 12, 2014.[1]