Cory Cohan is the younger sister of Terry Cohan.


Early life

At some point, Cory and her brother ran away from home and started to live on petty theft.

The case of Blue Paradise

Nine months after they ran away from home, she waited in their lair inside the zoo and when another man called Barry Allen entered, she jumped on him. Later, at Barry's apartment Cory found a disk inside the dragon bag that Terry brought, Terry took it and told her to not tell them. At dinner, with Barry and Tina McGee, Cory told Tina that she did not have a mother and that she would be more comfortable if she gave her a hundred bucks before leaving the table. The next day, Barry and Tina took them to Joan Sullivan a veterinarian that could heal Earl. When Terry and Cory turned the dogs loose, Joan told the kids that they'll both walk Brutus. At the park, Pepper approached them and asked them to help her get to the waterfront. When Terry refused, Pepper flashed her gun and told them to get in her van. Cory ordered Brutus to attack, and Pepper quickly drove away as the dog attack. That night, at Barry's apartment, Terry made Cory slept. Later, Terry told Cory that he has some business in selling something to someone, and the money would help them a lot. He warned her that Barry would eventually put them in a foster home and Terry gave one of the two disks to Cory and told her to gave it to Barry if he did not come home. Cory would eventually tell them where Terry went. The following day, Terry and Cory prepared to head to New York City by bus. Barry wished them well and hugged Cory. When Joan arrived, she suggested that they live with her. Terry did not want to hear it, but Cory insisted on staying which caused Terry to accept it.[1]


The Flash


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