Coryana is a mediterranean island ruled by Safiyah Sohail. It is also where the Desert Rose, a rare, mysterious universal panacea, is grown.


Many years ago, the island became home to a group of women who tried to escape their abusive families. However, the women's husbands tracked them down and attempted to bring them home by force, only to be confronted by a group of female warriors. A great battle was ensured that caused many casualities, but the blood sustained from the female warriors grew the Desert Rose plant throughout the soils of the island that later became known as Coryana.[1]

At some point, Safiyah Sohail became the ruler of Coryana and created one major rule, after she noted how people wasted natural resources, that the Desert Rose was not to be exported from the island. Eventually, Tatiana became Safiyah's second-in-command.

Around 2015, Safiyah discovered Beth Kane/Alice as she had newly escaped from the torturous lifestyle created by August Cartwright, bringing her to Coryana; Safiyah taught Beth to turn her anger into power, teaching her how to fight as well as other skills.[2] Beth met a young man named Ocean here,[3] who became her lover.[4]

When Alice left the island, she took a flower from the Desert Rose with her, violating the rule and drawing Safiyah's anger.[2]

By late 2020, Safiyah learned that employees of Hamilton Dynamics had mass-produced a vaccine based on the Desert Rose to a poison[2] that was spread by bats infected by Alice, just to gain Safiyah's attention. Safiyah sent Tatiana to retrieve Alice,[5] but Tatiana brought Sophie Moore here as well.

As Tatiana and Sophie waited, Safiyah and Alice talked about the past, but Alice was more interested in avenging the death of Kate Kane because Alice believed that Safiyah had killed her twin. After a brief scuffle, Safiyah told Alice that she had not killed Kate and showed Kate's unique necklace to Alice as proof that she knew the whereabouts of the woman. Meanwhile, Tatiana scuffled with Sophie because Sophie would not promise that Alice would be allowed to traverse Gotham City unfettered by law enforcement. Before being drugged and dismissed from Coryana with Sophie, Alice promised Safiyah that she would kill Ocean for her in order to be reunited with Kate.[3] Safiyah told Alice that Kate would be returned to the island after Alice left.[2]

Later, while Alice and Tatiana took Ocean's fake body to Coryana, Safiyah ordered the Many Arms of Death to kidnap Sophie and Jacob Kane and take them to the island. Ryan Wilder had put a tracker on Alice and also went to the island to find Kate and the Desert Rose cure. Safiyah revealed that she never had Kate and arrested Alice, but she managed to break free and burned the desert roses in retaliation.[6]

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  • Coryana seems to be located in the Western hemisphere, as it has night at the same time as Gotham City.[2] However, Luke Fox confirmed that Coryana is located in the Mediterranean Sea.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Coryana, an island that was once a haven for pirates and smugglers who were loosely banded together in peace by a woman named Safiyah.


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