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The Council of Luthors were a group of doppelgängers of Lex Luthor.


The Council of Luthors were formed during the Crisis, with them recruiting various doppelgängers of Lex Luthor through a sub-neural summons. They first attempted to recruit the Lex Luthor of Earth-1938, who was currently incarcerated at Federal Maximum-X Security Penitentiary Number One. In an attempt to break out in order to join his fellow doppelgängers, Lex murdered one of the guards and was killed out of revenge by another guard. Elsewhere, when the Lex Luthor of Earth-38 ignored one such summons, one of their members infiltrated the Waverider, which was currently situated on Earth-74, and incapacitated Harbinger in order to free Lex from his cell. Both Luthors then arrived at the headquarters of the Council, above orbit on Earth-99, where Earth-38's Lex was introduced to his doppelgängers. Realising that the Council of Luthors only wanted to seize the opportunity of the Crisis to both assume world domination and kill the Supermen of the multiverse, Lex argued that they should prioritise dealing with the Anti-Monitor first, the architect of the Crisis to begin with, going on to explain that they could manipulate their versions of Superman to work for them. The Council were repulsed by the idea of working with their archenemy and Lex then left in pursuit of Earth-38 in order to execute his own plan without them, leaving the Council to come to the conclusion that they would have to kill him in order to prevent him from ruining their plans.

Arriving at Earth-38's Fortress of Solitude, Lex was confronted by his Superman, to which he requested help in stopping his Council of doppelgängers. Just then however, one of such doppelgängers materialises behind Lex and abducts him. Appearing before the Council, Lex was charged with treason for his actions collusion with his Superman and informing him of their plans, leading to the creation of the Council of Supermen in order to oppose them. Lex doubled down on his agenda and was then encased in a force shield by the Council, though were unaware that Lex had procured a piece of technology through a fake tooth of his. Later on, as the Council of Luthors marvelled at their mass production of new power suits, their headquarters were breached by the Council of Supermen, led by the Superman of Earth-96 and Earth-38. As Earth-38's Superman reunited with Lex, he was warned of the Council of Luthor's suits, which rung true as the Luthors counterattacked with the power suits. As the Luthors and Supermen battled in the skies, the Superman of Earth-38 dropped Lex off at a console on the base of a tower where he could disable the Kryptonite weapons designed by his doppelgängers. Lex then rigged the weapons to self-destruct and the tower along with it, rendering the Council of Luthors inert. The Luthors then retreated, presumably back to their respective universes, as Lex himself was returned back to his cell on the Waverider by Superman.[1]

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