The Council of Supermen is a group of doppelgängers of Superman, created to stop the Council of Luthors.


When Lex Luthors from across the multiverse began colluding together as the Council of Luthors during the Crisis, the Supermen of the multiverse banded together to stop them, presumably led by the Superman of Earth-96.

As Earth-38's Superman attempted to return to his Fortress of Solitude in search for his son's rattle, he was introduced to the Council by Earth-96's Superman. Clark warned his Earth-96 counterpart of Lex Luthor working with doppelgängers of himself across the multiverse during the Crisis. Being prompted by another doppelgänger of his, Clark stated that his Lex, of Earth-38, told him and assured the Council that he was telling the truth despite being distrustful of him.

The Council of Supermen later revealed to Clark that the Fortress of Solitude he had found was, in fact, the one belonging to Earth-86 and not his. One of the Supermen then revealed that the Luthors were gathered on Earth-99, validating what Clark's Lex had told him. The Council of Supermen then breached into Earth-99 to take to fight to the Luthors, where Earth-38 Lex betrayed his doppelgängers by rigging the Kryptonite weapons the Luthors were using to self-destruct. After succeeding, the remaining Luthors escaped and Clark took his Lex back to the Waverider on Earth-74 to be re-imprisoned.[1]

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