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"The Council of Wells is a council of superior intellects there to accept the challenge of others with superior intellects. It's called the Council of Wells and not the Council of Dum-Dums!"
Wolfgang Wells[src]

The Council of Wells, nicknamed by Cisco Ramon, also known as the Fellowship of The Wellsian Minds,[1] refers to a group of Harrison Wells summoned from throughout the multiverse to use their combined intellect.


Needing help to decode the identity of DeVoe, Harry Wells decided to call upon the Wells from across the Multiverse with Cisco Ramon present. The ones who answered were Harrison Wolfgang Wells, H. Lothario Wells and Wells 2.0. Wells the Grey also answered but was unwanted and kicked from the call. Initially the members did not get along and were unable to cooperate with each other in their first meeting but after a series of apologies in their second meeting, they began working together and eventually discovered the man they were looking for was Clifford DeVoe.[2]

When Harry and Cisco reveal that Harry lost his intelligence, Wolfgang Wells mocked the former while rudely telling the latter to be quiet as he was not talking to him. Wolfgang Wells then proceeded to kick Harry out of the Council of Wells, stating it was only for the Harrison Wells with the smartest minds. Afterwards, Cisco told Harry there was a new council called the Council of Harrisons.[3] They later found out H. Lothario Wells had also been kicked out because the others got tired of his "connections".

Anti-Monitor Crisis

The Council of Wells was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, with the minds of its members merging with the subconscious of Nash Wells on Earth-Prime.

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  • Due to the harsh personalities of the smarter Wells, the Council screens out "dumb dumbs" and anyone considered not contributing to the group.[3]
  • Nash Wells considers the members to be idiots.

Behind the scenes

  • The Council of Wells is similar to the Council of Ricks from the television show Rick and Morty. Not only do they both sound similar, but they also both involve a collection of geniuses from throughout the multiverse.
  • Alternatively, it could also reference the Interdimensional Council of Reeds from the Marvel comics, a gathering of the many Reed Richards from throughout the multiverse.