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"But you can't make Alchemy do anything. He's just an acolyte, like me. We both serve the speed god, Savitar. He's shown us the future. I saw you there. You were glorious and powerful. My lord has special plans for you, Caitlin Snow. Or should I say... Killer Frost?"

Craig was a member of Savitar's cult. He escaped the CCPD's raid on Alchemy's lair undetected, but was hunted down by Killer Frost. He was finally captured by the Flash.[1]


Craig was among the members of Savitar's cult, worshiping Savitar as the God of Speed and Dark Lord, fearful of the judgement he'd bring upon the world at due time. He, along with an unnamed acolyte, were in Alchemy's posse during a ceremony in Alchemy's lair, where they expected to transform Wally West into his meta-human self, making him join their cause. However, the event turned out to be a trap set by the Flash and CCPD. Unable to resist police officers, Alchemy and the acolytes were about to be apprehended, but were saved by the timely arrival of Savitar himself, who took on the policemen, and then the Flash.[2]

Savitar's appearance allowed the acolytes to regroup and capture Joe West. He shook them off, trying to shoot down the armored and invisible Savitar, which gave some time for Alchemy to escape. Craig also escaped in a hurry, returning to his family at home. However, his identity as the other acolyte was eventually discovered by Julian Albert, who was forced by Killer Frost to find all info on Alchemy and his supporters, as she threatened to kill him. Killer Frost then visited Craig's residence, freezing the temperature around her and making him wake up, prompted to check the thermostat by his girlfriend or wife. Coming to the thermostat, Craig encountered Killer Frost, as she interrogated him by conjuring a sharp icicle near his neck. When prompted on where Alchemy is, Craig said that nobody cared who he was without the mask, and showed himself to be a big guy by turning the interrogation against Caitlin, revealing his knowledge of the future, including her alter-ego as Killer Frost. Distraught, Caitlin left, as Craig breathed out in the safety of his house.[1]

Later, Craig is seen with unnamed members of Savitar's cult in front of the statue of his master, trying to free him with a box. Flash arrives and knocked the group except Craig. He said him that he never could be stopped Savitar, mocking him, then ominously mentioned his engagement to Iris West. In response, Flash knocks him out too and sent him with the rest of the group in jail.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Indomitable will: Craig was interrogated under threat of death by Killer Frost, but was able to diffuse the situation by deflecting the matter of her questions onto herself, making Caitlin Snow question her very state of being as she left Craig's residence.[1]



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