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"Not too many men can keep up with me."
Shawna Baez while The Flash can't catch her

"Crazy for You" is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on February 3, 2015.




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A woman is trapped in an upside down car along with who appears to be her husband. The flash speeds over and tries to open the car. He does so and gets the husband out of the car. Due to a broken power line, the car catches fire but not before Barry had sped the woman out of the burning car. The man thanks the flash before he speeds away.

Barry is sitting at S.T.A.R. Labs talking with Cisco about their recent success. Cisco eventually invites everyone out for drinks but everyone passes. Caitlin tells Cisco that Hartley told him he had a way to find Ronnie. Caitlin however mentions moving on so Cisco tells her that she needed to actually move on instead of just saying it. Barry had already headed out by this point.

A woman pulls up in front of a building. She teleports inside and sneaks her way around but is spotted on camera before she breaks out a man, revealing that it is a prison. The man calls her Shawna before she teleports them out into her waiting car. They make out in the car briefly before he drives away.

The next day Barry fills in Joe on what he found when his dad is brought over. They finally meet and Barry fills his dad in on part of the case. Joe then reveals that the guard owed him a favor.

Shawna and her boyfriend Clay are in bed. She talks about how they now had a second chance but he says that he owes money and with what she could do he could pay off his debt.

Barry takes the information to S.T.A.R. Labs and learns that it wasn't Clay's DNA but Shawna's. Cisco approaches Hartley and asks questions and says how he would have to show him the information he has. Hartley promises to help but Cisco doesn't believe him so he leaves.

Barry and Iris meet up at Jitters he talks about seeing his dad. Iris reveals that she has to write about the Flash or lose her job.

Cisco makes Hartley handcuff himself before letting him out.

Barry and Joe learn information from his dad. He then says that his dad needs to stop.

Cisco and Hartley head outside and look at a shadow. When Hartley tries to make a break for it, they start fighting and Cisco uses a device to incapacitate Hartley to stop him from running. Hartley tells him that the next place he couldn't be handcuffed for.

Barry meets up with Caitlin and she fills him in on what she found as well as Cisco said. The flash heads out and catches Shawna at her car. They start fighting with him speeding to her as she teleports away. Barry speeds to remove a bullet but he still has a bullet wound. He returns to the lab and talks about changing and meets up with Iris. He offers to help her but she has plans with Eddie and his mom. He grows upset but he calls Caitlin and mention how they should scope out the bars. They end up at a Karaoke bar and Caitlin vows that they need to use the time to better their lives. Caitlin drinks his drink and starts a tab.

Cisco and Hartley talk about something he saw that night of the explosion: Stein being combined with Ronnie due to the dark matter. Hartley removes the earpiece and then harms Cisco so as to leave.

Caitlin is drunk and goes onstage. She calls Barry to join her and eventually he did so. He claims he isn't much of a singer. She then has them sing Summer Nights. Caitlin can't sing but Barry is good.

Afterwards, Caitlin goes to the bathroom while Barry tries to approach the bartender. A woman, named Linda, gets the bartender to close Barry's tab. She and Barry then talk and he is surprised when the girl sends her information to him. Caitlin then returns and says she doesn't feel good. They head outside where she pukes.

In a warehouse, Clay gives money to the man. When Shawna has a gun aimed at her head, she doesn't stay still, showing her hand. Suddenly the police show up and Shawna freaks as Clay is shot. She then teleports her and Clay away.

The flash speeds Caitlin home. Caitlin asks if Barry was going to call the number and she drunkenly rambles as she strips. He turns around but she needs help so he superspeeds changing her. She thanks him and asks him to stay until she falls asleep.

The next morning a hungover Caitlin shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs where Barry waited for her. She doesn't remember much of the night before. Barry and Caitlin learn that Hartley is gone because Cisco let him go. Cisco then tells Caitlin how he sealed Ronnie in before the explosion blew. Caitlin forgave him and they then talked about having a theory to how she gets around. She can only move when she could see where she is going.

Barry receives a call and rushes off due to his dad being stabbed. Barry learns that his dad got stabbed due to helping the cops shut down Marcus's stuff. Barry asks him for who did it to him. Later as the flash, he frees Julius to get information and he is left there as the flash speeds off. He stops Shawna and Clay and they begin to fight. Clay then intercedes and Shawna teleports away.

Barry then speeds off to destroy her field of vision to stop her from teleporting. He breaks into the car and Clay ends up leaving her as the flash takes her away to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry talks to Shawna who admits to being still in love. Caitlin declares to need to move on and Barry heads out.

Barry speeds away and gives Iris information on Clay Parker and what he doesn't know is that she got a photo.

Iris later learns that Barry was at the paper and is surprised that he is there for a lunch date with Linda Park. Afterwards, Barry meets with his dad who shows him the photo and tries to get his son to reveal that he is the Flash. His dad then gives him advice.

In a sewer, two men go to find out what is wrong and hear a noise. Something drew the word "Grodd" on the wall multiple times. Hearing another noise, they turn and look but see nothing. Suddenly one is attacked and the other runs away but isn't fast enough and is captured by a large black gorilla.




  • Near the beginning, Cisco's shirt says, "This is my spot", referring to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon often wore a Flash t-shirt on the show (also wearing shirts relating to other various characters from DC comics, such as Batman and Superman) and when Sheldon and his friends went to a costume party dressed as the Justice League of America, Sheldon went as the Flash.
    • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Commitment Determination" (which first aired about three months after this episode, on May 7, 2015) Sheldon wonders whether he should watch The Flash; citing the concern that it could go on for years and is a big commitment. As it happens, The Flash wound up being the Arrowverse's longest-running series, and, by the time The Flash finale aired on May 24, 2023, the Arrowverse as a whole had aired a combined total of over 800 episodes.[1]
  • Henry mentioned that Clay Parker "pulled a Shawshank", referencing the 1989 Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and the subsequent 1994 film adaptation The Shawshank Redemption, in which the main protagonist escapes from prison.
  • After Barry is almost shot in the neck but stops the bullet before it punctures his skin, Caitlin examines him. When she states that Barry is lucky to be alive, he replies, "I guess I am faster than a speeding bullet". This quote is commonly applied to Superman: "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!"
  • The Blackhawk Squad Protection Group truck was numbered 052, which is a reference to The New 52 storyline the show is based on.
  • In the comics, Linda Park is best known as the girlfriend, and later wife, of Wally West, the first Kid Flash and later the third Flash. Linda Park was originally played by Olivia Cheng in "Pilot" but is replaced by Malese Jow here.
  • Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) and Malese Jow (Linda Park) have both starred in the TV show The Vampire Diaries.
  • While fighting Hartley, Cisco says, "You're not the only one who knows about vibrations". This is a nod towards Vibe, Cisco's superhero alter-ego in the comics.
  • When a drunk Caitlin is helped to bed by Barry, she indirectly tells him that she feels safer with him around by asking him to stay until she's asleep; showing that aside from her drunken uninhibited behavior, she completely trusts him.


  • When Hartley describes the bomb shadow on the wall to Cisco, stating in Japanese: "bakudan no kage", meaning "bomb shadow", he pronounces "kage" wrong, with a nonexistent "-je" sound in place of the "-ge".
  • After their karaoke evening, Barry brings Caitlin to her apartment using his super speed. Considering Barry's speed, Caitlin's clothes don't catch fire in opposition with Felicity Smoak's in "Flash vs. Arrow" when he brings her to S.T.A.R. Labs.