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"There are other ways to get to the truth."
Kara Danvers

"Crime and Punishment" is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-third episode overall. It aired on April 21, 2019.




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Things kick off with President Baker tending to the country about "Supergirl's" assumed White House assault, announcing a twilight to sun up check in time and advising her to hand herself over. In spite of this, Supergirl hears somebody in a difficult situation and goes to help. She's assaulted by certain residents attempting to capture her as she endeavors to support a man; a man shoots at her repeatedly, despite the obvious fact it's doing nothing. Nobody accepts she's blameless. At L Corp, Lena and Alex attempt to help Supergirl by endeavoring to make sense of who truly did it and what Lex is doing. Supergirl and Lena at that point visit the jail's superintendent. They influence him so they can scan Lex's cell for pieces of information.

In Lex's cell, Lena dismantles a chess piece and finds a message from Lex - the photograph of the youngster she initially attempted her Harun-El serum on who kicked the bucket alongside the date of the Romanoff execution. That prompts another concealed thing, Lex's journals. Somewhere else, Ben Lockwood shows up the DEO to gather weapons and trap Supergirl. Alex slows down and Colonel Haley bolsters her, yet in addition has the operators gather the weapons just as Alex's sign watch. Brainy recommend to Alex that they scour the outsider library as a proactive measure.

James' sister drives him to treatment. James wouldn't generally like to go, at the end of the day does. His sister at that point goes to meet with Alex who needs assistance with persuading Haley to oppose Lockwood. She recommends finding an alternate, non-furious way to deal with Haley. Brainy gets to the library to erase it and has an emergency of awareness, preventing him from doing it. Supergirl and Lena find somebody is watching them in Lex's cell. James works through is injury in treatment while something dark killjoys through the veins on his neck.

Supergirl talks with the detainee sneaking around on them. He's not actually ready to help, also is not a devotee of Supergirl and pronounces her a narcissist who ruins all she contacts. At CatCo, Brainy asks Nia what he ought to do with the vault by utilizing her forces. She professes to see the future and that he doesn't erase it, which prompts him to acknowledge he should. At the DEO, Alex attempts to speak to Haley by referencing her little girl. She falls flat. At the jail, Otis graves appears and sends the prisoners after Supergirl.

Supergirl faces the detainees who individually neglect to try and put a mark in the Girl of Steel. At CatCo. James keeps on battling with his PTSD just as what gives off an impression of being recently creating powers. In the jail, Lena keeps on experiencing the diaries and finds a "positive" memory which drives her to the passageway to a mystery section in the prison. Otis comes up to Supergirl and he's controlled by Kryptonite. Supergirl has a defensive shield, however the military has now appeared at the jail to take her in. As Otis battles her, her defensive shield fizzles. Supergirl rapidly transforms into Kara to dodge him yet is caught by detainees. The one from prior named Steve, spares her and Kara attempts to get data from him yet needs to leave on the grounds that the National Guard are coming in. Supergirl winds up following Lena into the mystery section.

That section ends up being a mystery lab, but they have leave rapidly before they can discover more. Simultaneously Otis is revealing back to Lex, who seems to utilize the kryptonite in Otis' suit to execute him. Back at the DEO, Brainy gets a call from Nia that she seen the future for genuine this time and believes that erasing the vault will be an issue. Past the point of no return, Brainy previously did it. Lockwood appears with his warrant and has Haley signal Supergirl, but she presses the catch twice intentionally. Supergirl doesn't appear.

The news keeps on lying about Supergirl who is battling with the circumstance. She concludes that Supergirl needs to hide out for the occasion. At CatCo, James enlightens his sister concerning his peculiar sign of forces, while she says they are PTSD indications. James needs to address Lena. In Washington, the president approves the assignment of the Children of Liberty. Otis winds up not dead - or rather Eve brought him back, but his lab was obliterated at the prison. Luckily, Steve got the hard drive and offers it to Kara.




  • When Otis breaks in the prison, he shouts "here's Otis" which is a famous line from Jack Torrance from The Shining film.
  • When Kara reads Lex's journal, it is written that an individual named Pamela Isley has superpowers and goes by the name "Poison Ivy" In the DC comics, Pamela Isley is a botanist turned eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants. She is an adversary of Batman known as "Poison Ivy".
  • The title of this episode is the same as that of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, though thematically they are very different.
  • In a sense of hilarity (for viewers), citizens attempt shooting Supergirl despite the obviousness of her invulnerablity. Superman and Supergirl had both questioned this at the start of Season 2.
  • In one scene, Lena empathizes with Supergirl's situation, reminding her that she's been accused of crimes she didn't commit before. She's previously been suspected of breaking her mother Lillian out of prison in "Luthors" and poisoning children with lead in "Damage".


  • Lena says that the Romanovs were executed on July 16, 1918. They were actually executed the following day.