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"Oliver died so that we could continue to fight. He sacrificed everything for this new world, and we will not fail him. We will not fail this world. For Oliver."
Sara Lance

"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five" is a special episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-eighth episode overall. It aired on January 14, 2020. The episode was produced as an episode of the fifth season but was aired prior to the premiere episode of the fifth season, "Meet the Legends". The episode is the fifth and final part of the five-part crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths.




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National City[]

Kara wakes up and punches nothing but air shortly after seeing various memories of her fighting in the crisis flash before her eyes. She's back in her apartment after appearing to have fallen asleep on her couch.

Alex is also there and talks about how she's finally up. Startled, Kara ends up inadvertently using her heat vision on the wall near their fridge. She asks Kara if she had a bad dream, and Kara answers that she doesn't really know. Kara then asks her sister how she got here, and Alex says that Kara fell asleep in front of the TV.

Alex confesses that Kara just looked so peaceful, that she didn't have the heart to move her to the bed. Kara then goes onto repeat "the Dawn of time" several times, which makes Alex wonder if that was what she was watching before she nodded off. Kara pulls the curtains and says how this isn't right.

A worried Alex mentions how the white martian really did a number on her last night. She asks Kara once again if she's sure she's fine, and Kara says she is. Before she leaves, Kara tells Alex she loves her, and Alex also says it back.

Kara then gets a call from Nia, asking her where she is because the ceremony for the 2020 Nobel Peace prize is about to start. Nia tells Kara not to worry though, that she saved her a seat, but a lady from The Gazette is giving her angry eyes.

Nia warns her friend that if Kara misses this, Andrea is going to blow a gasket, and in the blink of an eye, Kara manages to get there. Nia laughs telling Kara she has some good timing. She tells Nia that she had a really weird dream last night, and was wondering if she could help her interpret it.

Kara goes on to explain to Nia, that she thinks she dreamt of the world ending, but it was all the worlds, not just theirs. Nia laughs saying how, "that's dramatic, even for us". Everyone aside from Kara stands up to clap when it's announced that Lex Luthor was the winner for the 2020 Nobel Peace prize. Kara asks if she's still dreaming. To which an oblivious Nia, says that she's glad this award is going towards someone who truly deserves it.

Lex winks at Kara before starting his speech by saying that, "we live in dangerous times; Earth is a dangerous place". He goes onto say that he supposes that's why people love superheroes so much; the power; the Chutzpah of someone who can fly faster than a speeding bullet.

Lex then says that it's why getting this award is so special to him; because he doesn't have superpowers. He reiterates that he can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but goes onto say that he has dedicated his entire life to fighting on the side of humanity. He says that to be recognized for that, is more than he can ever put into words, so he finishes his speech by saying that he stands with mankind.


Kara as Supergirl is back at HQ, still trying to make sense of everything as she is rewatching the speech from Lex. She mentions how she's still disoriented.

Alex tells her sister how everybody just keeps throwing awards at Lex, but that he never accepts them in person. However, this one, in particular, meant a lot to him. Kara still can't believe what she's hearing, and wonders how people can think he's a good guy; to which Alex says that Lex Luthor is the best guy.

Frustrated, Kara tells her sister, that he's not in fact a good guy, that instead, he's a psychopathic lunatic. Alex then reveals to Kara that Lex is their boss, and his number one supporter; besides Lena of course.

Alex tells Kara about all the times the two Luthors defended her to the president. J'onn then comes to Kara as she begins to freak out, and reveals that they're the only ones that remember the changes because they're Paragons.

J'onn suspects the first of many big changes that will reveal themselves to them in time. An alarm beeps, and Alex says that something seems to be going on downtown. She says she will send a team there, but Kara says that's not necessary, that she needs to punch something and leaves.

Downtown National City[]

At the docks, Weather Witch is causing havoc with her staff that's spewing electricity from it.

Some police cars arrive at the scene, but just as she hits the two police cars with electricity, Supergirl shows up. Weather Witch looks behind her and smirks, saying "look who finally decided to join the fun".

Kara asks her who she is, and Weather Witch introduces herself and tells the Kryptonian, that she is no match for Weather Witch as she begins to create a funnel cloud with her staff. Barry arrives not too long after throwing Weather Witch into the air; apologizing by saying that's one of his. Initially wondering what each other is doing on their Earth, both realize that they seem to be on a composite of their Earths.

After they have stopped the meta-human, an unnamed older man gets close to Flash and Supergirl and tells the two superheroes that he loves it when they team up. The aforementioned older man then asks the two heroes for their respective autographs.

Barry and Kara use this opportunity to gather intel and ask him if it's normal to see the two of them teaming up to take down bad guys like today as one example. The older man reveals that normally they have Green Arrow and a Legend or two to help them out. He continues on by saying that last year, even Batwoman joined in. He then tells Barry to make it out to Marv, and reveals that all the heroes have been working together since "forever", confirming to them what has happened.

Central City[]

In some underground tunnels of the city, two workers find an unconscious Nash Wells exactly where he had previously made contact with the Anti-Monitor. One of them checks for a pulse and tells the other to call for help. He flashes a light where Nash is by, and all he sees is a cement wall.

Star City[]

Sara is also a bit disoriented as she walks the streets of Star City, and wonders how she got back here.

She gets a headache, as she recalls certain moments she lived through during the Anti Monitor Crisis. Sara almost ends up getting hit by a car, and with cars honking at her in the middle of the road, she reaches for her phone and calls Ray; asking him where he is.

She ends up at a bar, where Ray calls to her, and she hugs him upon seeing him again. Confused, Ray asks Sara if she's okay. Sara asks Ray what is the last thing he remembers and is perplexed to have Sara asking him if he doesn't remember coming to this very same bar for trivia night, and then getting magically transported to an alternate Waverider. She then goes onto tell him they were called to help stop the Multiverse from getting destroyed.

Ray then asks Sara if there was a crossover and if they had won. J'onn chooses to show up at the bar right then, and his eyes flash red as he's using his telepathic powers to communicate with the two Legends.

J'onn admits that it's good to see that the two of them are safe. Sara asks Ray how he knew J'onn from Supergirl's Earth, but Ray is confused at the idea that Supergirl has her own Earth. J'onn reveals that this is not the case anymore because when they restarted a universe, their worlds combined, and only the Paragons have any previous knowledge that things used to be different.

J'onn then tells Sara that he has been going around from city to city, restoring the memories of their compatriots. Sara asks him about Oliver, but J'onn reveals that there hasn't been any sign of him. She leaves J'onn and Ray behind and goes in search of Oliver.

Arrow Bunker - Star City[]

When she gets to the Arrowcave, Sara calls out for Oliver multiple times but finds no sign of him. Sara then notices Oliver's suit is missing from the cases and finds Diggle, Dinah and Rene looked rather solemn.

They reveal to her that they already know everything that happened because J'onn had previously been there to restore their memories, and gave them a splitting headache in the process. John cries, saying how Oliver died twice and that he wasn't there for either time and that both times he failed him.

John tearfully says how Oliver was his brother, to which Sara nods and says, "I know" tearfully as well. Sara says that they all died, that the entire Multiverse perished, but now everyone is back, so there's a chance Oliver could be too.

Rene explains that after the brain dump, they had Felicity run a global search for Oliver, but found nothing. Sara and John hug after she realizes that Oliver really is gone.

S.T.A.R. Labs - Central City[]

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin is using some sort of device that is scanning a still unconscious Nash, who is now laying on a bed in the med bay.

Caitlin notices J'onn is there and asks him if something is wrong, J'onn, who is a bit angry says "not anymore; no thanks to him" as he looks in Nash's direction. She asks him if he knows why Nash is in the state he's in, and he proceeds to do a brain dump of all the memories from before the antimatter wave hit and consumed Earth-1. J'onn tells Caitlin that Nash paid a heavy price for his misjudgement, but not as much as some of the others.

J'onn yells out to Nash that he nearly damned them all to hell when the latter wakes up. Nash then gets his memories back and apologizes profusely for what he did.

Star City[]

Back in Star City, Barry and Kara arrive at the Arrowcave, wanting to double-check that her Earth had merged with theirs.

Kara tells Sara, Diggle and the others that National City, along with CatCo Worldwide Media, the D.E.O. and even Argo City is now part of this Earth.

Sara and John then break the news to Barry and Kara that Oliver didn't make it. Kara wonders why Oliver gave everyone a fresh start but not himself. John thinks that maybe, the only way he could do it was if he sacrificed his life for everyone else's. An alarm beeps, and when the other asks who's attacking, John says they wouldn't believe him if told them. Downtown, a Giant Beebo is causing havoc saying he's hungry.

Washington, D.C. - Aboard the Waverider[]

Sara contacts Ava and Nate who are aboard the Waverider asking them if they know anything about why a giant Beebo is running around the streets of Star City.

They ask Sara if she needs their help, but she tells them to stay in D.C. She goes onto say that she doesn't want any more of her people getting roped into this mess. Ava and Nate reveal that Mick is already in Star City, doing a book signing.

Star City[]

The Atom, the Flash and Supergirl team up and Mick also shows up to help stop Beebo. Batwoman shows up shortly after, and along with White Canary, deduces that perhaps this Beebo is nothing more than a diversion.

The Flash and White Canary show up at a bank, where a robber is stealing money. Nash then shows up at the Arrowcave to warn everyone that there's been a massive surge of Antimatter in the Star City area. He thinks that this is just the beginning and that their fight with the Anti Monitor is starting all over again.

At night, Sara and Barry talk, where she tells him that Oliver was the last tether to her old life and that he was the only person that was left who knew her as just herself. But now that he's gone, she feels as though she's out of place in this new world. Barry comforts her by saying he knows what it's like to lose family, and how it feels like life wouldn't be the same. He goes onto say that while that is true, family isn't just the people you grew up with, but the people you found along the way.

Sara confesses that The Legends are her family, that they have been for a while. But that she always thought she'd at least have one person that knew what she was like before she got on the Gambit with Oliver. They are then attacked by the shadow demons and are telepathically told by J'onn that the Paragons are being hunted down.

Sara realizes that Ryan is also in danger, and goes to rescue him. She gets there after Ryan has been running around with his baby trying desperately to keep them safe from the shadow demons. When he's subsequently rescued by Sara, he is taken to the Arrowcave, where they all deduce that the Anti Monitor is still alive, and Oliver's sacrifice didn't kill him.

Ryan and Ray realize that while they can't kill nor destroy the Anti Monitor because he's made of antimatter, they can destabilize his form, and have him shrinking for eternity. A horde of shadow demons began to make their way to Star City. Dinah stays behind on Comms, while the other heroes gather to fight the army of Shadow Demons.

Alex sees J'onn's new suit; to which he replies that it's a new world. The Anti-Monitor then shows up using the shadow demons and tells the heroes gathered that it is time to meet their end. All the way from the Arrowcave, Dinah contacts Nash, Ray, and Ryan who are busy trying to make the device that they will use to put a stop to the Anti Monitor once and for all.

S.T.A.R. Labs - Central City[]

Ryan mentions that they will need a reinforced core to contain the chemical reaction properly. Ray suggests titanium, but Nash says it would be too heavy. Instead, he comes across depleted promethium.

Arrow Bunker - Star City[]

Dinah warns Frost and Heatwave that they have a horde of shadow demons coming their way.

S.T.A.R. Labs - Central City[]

As they're walking, Mick says that it's been a while and that she looks great. Frost thanks him, and says she read his book and proceeds to call him "Rebecca," Mick's pen name.

When a shadow demon shows up, Frost asks Heatwave if he wants to take it. Rory says, "Ladies first," to which Frost replies, "Age before beauty". Ultimately, the shadow demon is taken care of by Black Lightning who shows up to help.

Star City[]

The Anti-Monitor tells the heroes that they are nothing but insects fated to be crushed by his heel.

He goes to tell them that fighting is useless and forces them to surrender. White Canary says not today, and not ever. She then tells the Anti-Monitor that Oliver died so they could keep fighting. She continues by saying that Oliver sacrificed everything for this new world, and they will not fail him.

The heroes then fight the Anti-Monitor, but he easily defects all of their attacks. The Anti Monitor then makes himself grow to an unprecedented height, and he yells out that the Age of Heroes ends now. Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, and Superman all launch attacks from the sky at the giant version of the Anti-Monitor trying to buy Ryan, Ray, and Nash some time with building the bomb that will take care of the Anti-Monitor.

S.T.A.R. Labs - Central City[]

Black Lightning, Heat Wave, and Frost continue to fight the shadow demons, with Heat Wave calling Black Lightning "Sparkles" after asking him where he is from.

Black Lightning reveals that it's been a weird day after Martian Manhunter came to him in Freeland and gave him his memories of the old multiverse.

Using his super-speed, Flash goes back to Central City and assembles the bomb. Nash tells him that now all they need to do is get it in direct contact with the Anti-Monitor once they've activated it. The Flash then speeds back to Star City and takes Ray with him to help out in the final fight with the Anti-Monitor.

Star City[]

The Atom arrives just in time and saves Superman from being crushed, and gives the bomb to Supergirl; telling her to throw it like a girl.

Supergirl throws it and it makes contact with the Anti- Monitor. Kara then asks where Kal is, and he tells his cousin he's right there, just tiny because The Atom shrunk him in order to help him escape the tight grip that the Anti-Monitor had him in.

White House - Washington, D.C.[]

The president of the United States of America is giving a speech where she tells everyone in this televised speech that their way of life and their world almost came to an end.

She reveals that an entity known as the Anti-Monitor attacked Earth and this was stopped thanks to Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. John and Lyla are shown watching the news with JJ coloring in a nearby table. But then a little bit older version Sara Diggle comes from behind and hugs her father.

Meanwhile, Clark is flying around at night, when he gets a call from Lois, who tells him that he needs to get to Metropolis to take care of his sons. The President then asks everyone to join her in a moment of silence to honor Oliver's sacrifice.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Oliver's voice is heard, talking about the new beginning of this multiverse, and a new Earth-2 is shown to be the home of Stargirl and the Justice Society of America.

Then a new version of Earth-12 shows the Green Lantern Corps as one of their own is shown to be patrolling space.

On the new version of Earth-19, an entity is shown in a swamp. Meanwhile on the restored Earth-9, it is still shown to be the home of the Titans.

Whereas, Earth-21 is now the home of the Doom Patrol. On Earth-96, that world's Superman is flying out in space, now back to his original crest, and not the darker one from before.

Hall of Justice - Central City[]

At an old S.T.A.R. Labs research facility, Sara, Barry, Kara, J'onn, Clark, Kate and Jefferson are all gathered as they look at Oliver's Green Arrow suit now on display in front of a U.S. flag hanging there.

Kara thanks Oliver and says that the world has hope again and that she does too. She promises that they will never forget him.

Barry moves up front, he then thanks Oliver for believing in him, even when he didn't believe in himself, and that he just had this way about him that brought the best in all of them.

Barry tells Oliver that he will miss him. Sara says that she has lost a lot of people that she loves, but that she had never imagined her life without him in it. She says he was always there for her, and that he changed her fate for the better.

Kara then uses her heat vision to light a fire being contained in an arrowhead-shaped container. Jefferson tells Barry that while he didn't ever meet Oliver, he must have been a good dude. Jefferson then asks Barry why he brought them all to a condemned building.

Barry says this isn't a condemned building at all, but an old STAR Labs research facility that nobody uses. He mentions that what's even better is the fact that no one knows it exists, and this is good for them in the long run. He tells the other heroes that he figured they could all use this place to gather if anything ever happens again.

Superman tells Barry that it's a great idea. Martian Manhunter agrees, saying it's a better option than all of them dropping by the DEO with Lex running things now. Jefferson asks why they even need it and wonders how often the world comes to an end.

Kate tells Jefferson not to worry because she was the new kid last year. A giddy Barry tells the other heroes that he hasn't even shown them the best part and takes off the cloth covering what looks to be a large round table with a crest that has a large star in its center.

Each of the chairs has their own respective symbols associated with their suits. An empty eighth seat is left to honor Oliver's memory that has an arrowhead symbol on it.

The seven heroes all smile at one another once they have sat down. But then some screeching noises are heard up above. Sara says it looks like they need to call pest control, and a cage labeled GLEEK is shown to have been opened.


  • Production for Crisis on Infinite Earths began on September 24, 2019.[1]
    • Production for this particular part began on October 4, 2019.[2]
    • Filming for the crossover had completed by November 8, 2019, with some reshoots and minor filming still needing to be completed.[3]


  • This episode was originally produced as the eighth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow but aired prior to the official Season 5 premiere as a special episode.
  • This is the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to not feature Tala Ashe (Zari Tarazi) after signing on as a series regular.
  • The synopsis has similarity with Roger Hayden's catchphrase in "Elseworlds, Part 3".
  • This episode in addition to "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four" both aired on Grant Gustin's thirtieth birthday.
  • The Super Friends cartoon theme plays at the end. Additionally, an open cage has the name Gleek on it. Gleek is known for being the pet monkey of the Wonder Twins, all three of whom debuted in the "Super Friends" toon.
  • Only the Paragons initially having knowledge of the Crisis is a callback to the original comic, where only the key players in stopping the Crisis remembered.
  • Marv Wolfman, the co-writer of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic and co-writer of "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four", makes a cameo as a fictional version of himself.
    • Ironically, Marv Wolfman asked for an autograph from the two most prominent heroes he killed off in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flash and Supergirl.
    • Supergirl's fate in comics causes the tension in her battle with the Anti-Monitor for it was unknown if it would be reflected in live-action.
  • Lex's speech is subtly sprinkled with his own surprise at finally receiving recognition for all his efforts in putting humanity first in a world full of superpowered beings.
  • The Anti-Monitor's original design from the comics is briefly seen when the shadow demons merge into him during the final battle.
  • Dinah states that a group of shadows demons are moving to Perez Landing, an allusion to George Pérez, a notable comic-book artist and writer who co-wrote the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics.
  • This is the final crossover to feature Ray Palmer as a series regular, as he departed DC's Legends of Tomorrow during its Season 5.
  • The rest of the Legends are not helping due to being busy with the events of "Meet the Legends", which is happening concurrently.
  • This is the first episode in the Arrowverse to be set in the new multiverse (specifically Earth-Prime).
  • Mick Rory's suggestion to throw the Anti-Monitor into the sun is a callback to the original comic, in which the Anti-Monitor died after Kal-L (the Superman of Earth-2) punched him into a star.
  • J'onn says Nash nearly damned everyone to Hell. While he may have meant it metaphorically, a good many people in the Multiverse did go to Hell when antimatter killed them; others went to Heaven, other places, or Limbo.
  • Near the end of the episode; Oliver Queen (as the Spectre) acts like a narrator who explains the rebirth of the new multiverse. This is how the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover event started in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One" with The Monitor who did the same thing with the birth of the original multiverse.
  • Unlike The Crisis event from the Comics which destroyed the Multiverse and resulted in the creation of one singular earth which was the only remaining one, The Arrowverse changed the source material by restoring the multiverse (albeit with various changes).
  • Also, in the comics, five earths merged; In the Arrowverse's version, three earths merged (Earth-1, 38 and TUD5). However, it would be revealed later on that a few aspects and elements from a few others were also merged into it as well (Examples include: Earth-2, 3, X, and 19, if the latter two were not completely erased afterward).


  • During the battle against Beebo, Rene Ramirez asked Sara Lance if all crossovers are like that (fighting Beebo). However, he was in Invasion! and Crisis on Earth-X. Though the timeline was altered after the Crisis, so he may not have been part of those events.
  • Clark Kent did not realize that he has two sons rather than one son, Jonathan from Earth-38's reality, although he is not a Paragon so therefore should have known.
  • The president calls Oliver "the first of our heroes" despite the fact that on Earth-Prime, Black Lightning and Superman debuted before him. Batman also debuted before him, but he is considered a myth to people outside of Gotham City.
    • This is a meta-reference to how Oliver was the first hero of the Arrowverse (unless series retroactively looped into the Arrowverse, such as The Flash and Birds of Prey are taken into consideration).


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