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"It was not supposed to be like this. This is not his ending I foresaw."
"Things are turning out differently than expected. But one thing is certain. Everything we know... everything there is... and everything there ever was... is doomed."
The Monitor and Pariah

"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-sixth episode overall. It aired on December 8, 2019.

The episode is the first part of the five-part crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths​.



Earth-89 - Gotham City
A man is sitting on a park bench reading the Gotham City Gazette with the headline "Batman Captures Joker" when the sky turns dark red, and the bat-signal, consisting of a bat surrounded by red light, lights up.

Earth-9 - San Francisco
In San Francisco (Earth-9), Hawk and Robin are also consumed by the same red horizon.

Earth-X -
The Ray is in uniform and flying through the air, he can only watch as his entire city is consumed with red and white light.

Earth-66 - Gotham City
A man is walking his large fluffy German Shepherd. He turns around to see his skyline and is completely covered with a red shimmering light. He cries out "Holy crimson skies of death!" before succumbing to the energy implosion; the scene cuts out to the Crisis on Infinite Earths logo.

Earth-38 - National City
A man is standing outside CatCo Worldwide Media holding a sign that reads; "Prepare to Meet Thy Doom. The End of The World is Nigh" and is telling everyone that Supergirl herself cannot save them. He is immediately confronted with a giant lizard-like creature over 20 feet tall and breathing fire. The fire is directed towards him and he is saved by Supergirl. She tells him to get to cover, before adding that she could save him. Supergirl faces the giant dragon-like creatures, cautioning him to calm down. She promises Spike that his owner Alana is waiting for him and there is nothing to be scared of. Eventually, the giant creature shrinks down, he reverts to his much smaller size, taking on the form of a small iguana. Supergirl picks him up and brings him back to the D.E.O.. She hands the creature off to an agent upon arrival, bringing attention to the fact that all the animals in the city have begun to stir up trouble and act erratically. She is met with Brainy and Alex, who are looking into the situation already. They are continuing to be struck by miniature earthquakes, ones that are affecting everyone around the entire world, however, the seismic activity wasn't coming from within the planet and is concerning leaks coming from outside. J'onn arrives to inform everyone The Monitor is free, and he is no longer a The Flash and Arrow problem, he is now the problem of every universe. J'onn informed them, last year Mar Novu tested him as well as 8 heroes with Dr. John Deegan and the Book of Destiny. However, currently, the energy blast is hurtling through space at an impossible speed, Brainy predicts it will reach the edge of their universe in 5.3 hours. They have until tomorrow night, however, in the meantime, the cosmic wave will hit Argo City first. Supergirl immediately requests to get a message to her cousin and her mother, fearing for her family.

Argo City
Lois Lane is light-heartedly mocking her husband Clark Kent while he changes their son Jonathan's diaper. Their tender moment is soon interrupted with a hologram of Supergirl, she is fading in and out due to Argo City being protected from all outside forces. Lois is able to fix the connection, and Supergirl gives them a quick warning to get off the planet before disappearing. Her warning was almost in vain as their sky quickly darkens to a red hue, and earthquakes began to tremble the city. Everyone is outside in a panic, and they are quickly met with Alura Zor-El. She ushers them to safety, to their last remaining Kryptonian pod where Alura warns them there is only enough space for one, both Clark and Lois immediately agree to send their son to Earth. They say their goodbyes and send him alone towards Earth, mirroring when Kal-El's own parents had sent him to Earth from an imploding Krypton all those years earlier. Not long after, the last remains of Krypton are destroyed.

Earth-38 - The D.E.O.
Back on Earth, Supergirl is left devastated after watching Argo get wiped out. As she mourns, Brainy informs her that their planet is next on the energy wave's trajectory.

Earth-1 - Lian Yu
Oliver Queen is on the island with his daughter Mia Smoak. He was confiding in her about his former hatred for the island. Adding he had come to terms with his time served because without Lian Yu he never would've become the man he was destined to be, and most importantly he never would have had the opportunity to be looking at his daughter. Their tender moment is interrupted by Lyla. She is surrounded by the same bright red horizon that engulfed the other worlds. She warns them, that the Crisis has begun.

Earth-1 - Central City
The Flash is racing around town while in communication with Cisco Ramon trying to figure out what is happening. He too was surprised to see Lyla before him. She informs him, that she is The Harbinger now, and is working with The Monitor. She has come to collect him informing him that the Crisis has begun.

Earth-1 - Gotham City
Batwoman is in the middle of undertaking heavy gunfire. She currently has two would-be criminals down demanding to know where her sister Alice is located. He tells her, she is located close to the old sugar factory. But is immediately interrupted by the Harbinger. She ignores the women's warning, but Lyla informs her that the Crisis has begun and they must leave now.

Earth-1 - Star City
Sara Lance and Ray Palmer are playing another night of trivia for beer. They're on the last question “What is the name of the last song Janis Joplin ever record it?” Sarah immediately guesses Mercedes-Benz, but they are corrected with the answer "Little Robot Man". Sarah is furious, but Ray calms her down admitting that he stole a lock of Janis Joplin's hair when they were at Woodstock last year. Sarah is more anointed at him for losing their trivia beer, then she is at him altering history. Fortunately, they too are interrupted by Lyla. Everyone else flees as Lyla announces that the Crisis has begun and they must leave now.

Earth-38 - The D.E.O.
Lyla, as The Harbinger appears before Supergirl and the DEO. Alex immediately reacts and tells her to put her hands on her head, demanding to know if she is what is behind the phenomenal cosmic activity that is currently plaguing them. Alex calms down with the arrivals of everyone Lyla has collected. She has brought with her eight individuals, including Kara's cousin Superman and Lois Lane. Supergirl is relieved that they survived, and they inform her Lyla was the one who brought them here before Argo exploded. They both bring up the worry that they sent Jonathan to Earth, and he is now no longer with them. Everyone has arrived in their heroes' uniforms and they are ready to do what is necessary. Batwoman is obviously quite apprehensive as to what is happening, but Supergirl promises she can trust everyone here, as she herself would trust them with her life, just as she would trust Batwoman. With that, Kate takes off her mask and introduces herself as Kate, Mia, and Oliver follow suit.

Everyone is redirected to a board room where Lyla is able to explain their situation: a wave of antimatter is sweeping across this universe destroying everything in its path, where the Sol system is shown. Oliver pipes up admitting he has seen this antimatter wave in action, it already wiped Earth-2 out of existence. Unfortunately for them, Earth-38 is in its path now. Lyla adds The Flash and the Legends are currently doing reconnaissance. Afterwards, Lois and Clark bring up their concerns about Jonathan again, not sure where his pod is, or if he even landed on Earth yet. Supergirl volunteers Brainy and they are able to tract his trajectory. However, they are interrupted when a giant quantum tower begins rising before them just outside the building. Everyone immediately assume it's a problem, but Barry, Sara and Ray arrive and inform them it's no threat. The tower is the only thing that can save the people of Earth. Lyla explains that at the dawn of time The Monitor placed quantum towers on key Earths in a last line of defense. Immediately both Ray and Brainiac begin theorizing a better understanding of the tower. They are interrupted by Brainy, having tracked baby Jonathan, he discovers he is in Star City on Earth-16, because he has traveled through a wormhole and is now in the year 2046. Sara and Ray inform that the Legends got blasted into that Earth and year few years ago. Superman immediately tells the room he is going to get his son, but Oliver stops him. Insisting they need his power to protect this Earth. Lois volunteers to go and Sara decides to accompany her. Brainy says he will come too. Before leaving Sara tells Oliver how proud she is, of the man he has become. Telling him he has always been an amazing guy, now, even more so, now as a father.

In another room before leaving, Brainiac and J'onn are discussing how to save and protect Earth. He informs Brainy that Alex is currently coordinating with the President who is, in turn, coordinating with the rest of the world leaders. Their hope is that all aliens that J'onn knows, that arrived on Earth will allow everyone to use their spaceships to escape. Brainy conscience he is not sure how good of an idea that will be, given last year's events, and the war against aliens. Before leaving Brainy tosses J'onn his keys.

Alex and J'onn coordinate their plans, Alex, having just returned from talking with the US President. Even if they can get everyone off the planet and into space itself, it's not safe. They would need a humongous transporter to take them all to another universe. J'onn suggests Lena Luthor, since a couple of years ago she constructed a massive transmat portal for the Daxamites; there could be one twice as big. Alex is hesitant given their new fresh disdain for each other. J'onn reminds her that they have absolutely no other choice, and she was a great help in fighting the Daxamite army back then.

Outside, Supergirl finds Superman staring off into the distance. She has come to console him given his grievance over his missing son. He immediately apologizes for being unable to save her mother. Clarke confides he thinks he deserves all the horrible things that have happened to him. For so foolishly believing he could have so much only to have it all immediately taken away again. Supergirl tells him not to say things like that, she knows baby Jonathan will be safe and they will save everyone no matter what. Superman is rather surprised at how hopeful she is, Supergirl just insists that's all they can do. When they first thought Krypton was gone, it was Superman that brought the spirit of the planet to everyone on Earth, and they can do it again.

In another room, Oliver has a present for Mia. When she opens it she realizes it is a dark emerald suit, just like her father's. She is understandably hesitant to take it, but Oliver insists she is the new Green Arrow. Reminding her that she earned it, and leaves her to try it on.

Oliver finds Barry, and Barry brings up that The Monitor informed him things have changed and he is not suspected to make it through what is coming. This immediately upsets Oliver who begins yelling at no one, demanding to talk.

Oliver finds himself standing before The Monitor, outside of time and space. Oliver reminds him that they had made the agreement that he was to die in order to save Supergirl and The Flash. The Monitor reminds him that that deal was last year, and this is a new threat. The Monitor refuses to give any more details, insisting that if they do not know what is coming, his hope was that they would prepare for absolutely every possibility.

Lena Luthor is looking outside the L-Corp office, astonished at the quantum tower now in the city. Alex invites herself into her private office in full DEO uniform. Lena is unthreatened and asked Alex if she has come to accuse her of more crimes and arrest her. Alex takes the bait, and asked Lena what she expects after stealing Myriad, and almost killing Supergirl, just last week. Lena immediately denies the claim, insisting it was Eve Teschmacher, and she has already been arrested. Alex knows she is lying, but this is not the time to argue. Alex brings up how they are all in danger and Lena needs to put her feelings aside to help save the world again. Lena obviously agrees but is upset that the Danvers sisters would think she might not help, considering, once again, that it is she who is the good guy.

Oliver and Mia before Shadow Demons attack

Oliver and Mia before shadow demons attack.

Inside the tower, the six heroes are deciding how to handle the situation and determined to keep it safe. GA and Mia arrived, with Mia in her new suit. Arrow instructs Supergirl and Superman to protect the outside, while they run inside, all while the Earth is continuously moved by more and more powerful earthquakes. When inside Arrow casually tells his daughter that no matter what happens to him, it is her job to find her mother. They are soon attacked by an army of flying spirits. Everyone is surprised at such an out-worldly attack. In the chaos, Batwoman agrees to an upgrade from The Atom. While talking to himself he is able to magnetize one of her throwing bats in order for it to come back to her. In the chaos, Mia is even able to send an arrow past her father destroying an unseen enemy behind him. Oliver nods his thanks to his daughter, proud of who she is becoming. Superman, Supergirl and Flash arrived to help, they are quickly able to take care of the situation and destroy all of the spirits that are within the tower.

Earth-16 - Star City - 2046
White Canary, Lois, and Brainiac are all surprised to tract baby Jonathan's signature to Earth-16 Arrowcave. Brainiac is rather surprised, but Sara insists he probably found a helpless baby and decided to take it away from the chaos raging outside. Brainiac is immediately hit with a trick arrow that wraps around him, making him fall over. Oliver Queen appears as Green Arrow and immediately begins fighting White Canary. The two continuously go back and forth while Lois tries to help Brainy, but is quickly distracted when she hears her baby cry. Sara is able to stop him knowing about his bad arm, having previously met this Oliver before in "Star City 2046". He is shocked and astonished to see her, scurrying how it is possible she is standing before him. He wants to know how she got off the Gambit, and Sara generally asks him if he doesn't remember meeting her on the island. He seems to have not. Oliver immediately begins to apologize to her, he didn't mean to get her killed, having regretted ruining her life. Sarah immediately chimes in, telling him that going with him on the boat was her decision and hers alone. And that what happened to them after changed both their lives for the better, and now she is a time traveler and having a time of her life. Lois walks in behind them holding a crying Jonathan, and thanks Oliver for finding her child. Oliver and Sara continue to have a tender moment, and Sara insists her life ended up for the better. They are interrupted by Brainy, insisting they have to go now. Before leaving Sara tells Oliver "You're a good man, on every Earth." all three of them head into the dimensional portal and vanish.

Earth-38 - National City
Outside of National City, Dreamer and Kelly are trying to help coordinate people onto spaceships while trying to keep them calm among the chaos. They are extremely surprised and happy when J'onn arrives with the Legion ship, the ship is capable of putting hundreds of thousands of people aboard.

Inside the DEO Lena and Alex are still trying to figure out how to transport the ships away/to fly off Earth, as even space is no longer a viable option; it itself is being erased. Instead, it is suggested to connect a breach to the portal to evacuate the population to Earth-1: Lena isn't sure how to stop people on the ships from evaporating once she transports them to another Earth. Alex suggests 'Galleon's Theory' of "using an inverse variable to help calculate the differential?" Lena agrees it is a good idea. Excited to have cracked the puzzle they are able to send the spaceships away to another Earth. Before leaving Lena reminds Alex, that regardless they are still not friends. Outside she helps coordinate people to safety. Kelly Olsen even saves a woman using James' Shield from when he was Guardian.

Oliver's last stand

Oliver furiously standing up against the army of shadow demons.

While outside the tower, the six heroes are again left disappointed when the tower breaks. Oliver tells Superman and Supergirl to see what they can do and they both fly up, Superman realizes the tower is powered by what looks like solar panels and immediately begins blasting it with his heat vision, Supergirl follows suit. They continue to blast at the solar panel for as long as they can, Superman is the first to fall, followed soon by Supergirl. Luckily it was enough to power up the tower again. The red skies dissipate but they are still faced with flying angry spirits, and they now have only 14 minutes until the tower shuts down again. Everyone begins fighting them full throttle but The Monitor appears insisting they save their strength, this world is already doomed and he begins vanishing in them away one by one. First Batwoman, followed by Superman, Supergirl, he also takes the Flash, Ray, and Mia. Only Green Arrow is left. Before he can take him, Oliver demands to know how many people are left, and The Monitor admits there are still many that won't be saved. Oliver refuses to leave and shoots The Monitor with an antimatter arrow, disrupting his powers. Oliver is struck by one of the flying spirits and loses his footing, only to realize he is out of arrows. Not wanting to give up, Oliver takes a stand and decides to continue to fight with his bare hands, even if it is in vain, wanting to save as many people as he can. As ships leave for the transmatter portal, the antimatter wave overwhelms and destroys National City and Earth-38.

Earth-1 - Star City

Oliver Queen dies

Oliver Queen surrounded by heroes in the Arrowcave.

Oliver appears in his lair, extremely bloody and bruised, on the verge of dying. He is immediately surrounded by The Flash, Supergirl and his daughter Mia. There, The Monitor tells the room, Earth-38 did not survive, but because of Oliver Queen's noble sacrifice, he was able to personally ensure the lives of another billion people. Kara is both devastated at the news of the loss of her planet, along with the reality of her friend Green Arrow's pending demise.

Novu is horrified by Oliver's early death

The Monitor and Pariah witnessing events happening differently than expected.

They are surprised when Pariah appears before them. He insists he is no longer Harrison "Nash" Wells, admitting he is simply a man serving his penance. He freed the Anti-Monitor from his confinement only to become a Pariah and sentenced to bear witness to his actions. At this time, Lois, Sara, and Brainy all return to Earth-1 from Earth-16. Superman goes to greet his wife, happy his child is safe, wanting to give the man and his family some space. Oliver confides that he gave it all up sacrificing his life for Barry and Kara. Both are immediately surprised and heartbroken to hear this devastating news. Oliver calls his daughter closer and tells her to promise she will find her mother and to tell William he loves him, teary-eyed she confirms she will. Oliver dies seconds after this

The Monitor admits Oliver was to die, but it wasn't supposed to be like this. Pariah informs them that because of this, things are different and they are changing quickly, and that they are all most likely doomed.



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  • Production for Crisis on Infinite Earths began on September 24, 2019.[1]
    • Filming for the crossover had completed by November 8, 2019, with some re-shoots and minor filming still needing to be finished.[2]
  • On July 28, 2021, Guggenheim posted a photo of the writers' room whiteboard for this event. It shows that the universes shown being destroyed at the beginning of Part One were to have included the ones from Gotham and Krypton.[3]
    • However, the Krypton series was scrapped or disregarded as not being part of the Arrowverse.[4][5]


"The history books say you live to 86 years old, Mr. Queen. The history books... are wrong."
Eobard Thawne[src]
  • When Barry had enlisted Oliver's help to battle Eobard Thawne in "Rogue Air", Thawne said that the history books from his native time period say that Oliver dies at the age 86; placing his death in 2071 or 2072; but now, Oliver died more than fifty years early. Ironically, Thawne had said "the history books are wrong" when attempting to kill him during that encounter, though Barry had saved Oliver in that instance.
  • In part one of a podcast interview with Inside of You, Stephen Amell didn't like his first death because as the Supergirl crew were trying to film Caity and Grant so that their respective shows don't mess up the next day; his scene had him staring at nothing but a tennis ball even though he does not blame them for it.[10]

References and Easter eggs[]

  • The Monitor's opening narration explaining the multiverse is similar to the one from DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths comic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, with the first line taken directly from the very first page.
  • The episode, the opening scenes in particular, contain multiple references to various DC Comics adaptations. Most of which include cameos and musical Easter eggs, which Blake Neely incorporated into his score, some of which were "cues the production has attempted to obtain the rights to for years".[11]
    • Earth-89 references the 1989 film, Batman, playing Danny Elfman's theme while featuring the film's image of Gotham City and Alexander Knox (portrayed by Robert Wuhl). The newspaper he reads features an image of Batman from the film's comic adaptation.
      • Michael Keaton was asked to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne from the same film and its sequel; Batman Returns, but it couldn't be worked out. Had that happened, the newspaper Knox was seen reading would've borne the headline, "WayneTech CEO - Bruce Wayne to Marry Socialite Selina Kyle" (featuring a photo of Keaton's iteration of Bruce Wayne);[12] a reference to Batman's romantic history with Catwoman in Batman Returns and various other DC Comics' media.
    • Earth-9 featured Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Robin (Curran Walters) from DC Universe’s Titans series.
    • Earth-X featured The Ray, who was last seen in Crisis on Earth-X, roughly two years earlier.
    • Earth-66 references the 1966 Batman television series, playing Neal Hefti's theme while featuring Dick Grayson (Burt Ward), whose reaction to the red skies ("Holy crimson skies of death!") is a reference to how he'd often exclaim: "Holy <something>!".
      • Grayson is also walking a dog (specifically a German Shepherd), a reference to Ward and his wife's real-life charity work rescuing pets for adoption. It may also be a nod to Ace the Bat-hound, who is usually portrayed as a German Shepherd in DC Comics media.
  • The doomsday protestor on Earth-38 is a direct reference to the one in Superman II, holding the exact same sign. In addition, he is played by Star Trek actor and noted comic book fan Wil Wheaton, who previously voiced Aqualad in the 2003 Teen Titans animated series.
  • Erica Durance appears as Alura Zor-El, having previously portrayed her in previous seasons of Supergirl. In addition, Durance portrayed Lois Lane in Smallville, a role which she reprised in the next Crisis episode.
  • Lois and Kal-El sending Jonathan away from Argo in a pod right before the city was destroyed by antimatter is not only a reference to Superman's own past, but to the beginning of the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic in which, in reference to Superman's origin, the character of Alexander Luthor Jr. was sent to Earth-One from Earth-Three as the latter universe was destroyed by antimatter.
    • Lois quotes Marlon Brando's Jor-El from Superman: The Movie, saying "We will never leave you, even in the face of our death."
  • Clark lamenting how "I couldn't save her" in regards to his aunt Alura sounds like the words he spoke over Pa Kent's grave in Superman: The Movie after his adoptive father died of natural causes.
  • Most of the episode features elements from the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic it was based on, including the red skies, the antimatter wave, quantum towers, shadow demons, and the characters Harbinger and Pariah.
  • Oliver tells Barry that he is "the very best of us" could be a callback to the 2008 film, The Dark Knight, from a line Batman says to Harvey Dent.
    • However, this is most likely referring to "Elseworlds, Part 3"; in which Oliver stated that the Monitor said the former would pass the test if he knew his true self. Oliver then told the Monitor, "My true self is filled with darkness. Barry and Kara are different. They inspire hope; they inspire people because they are the best of us! And if this test of yours is going to kill our best chance at stopping this Crisis... well, as gods go... you're not a very smart one." This is supported by the fact that, immediately after telling Barry "you, my friend, are the very best of us", Oliver says to him, "I gave it all up for you and Kara". As confirmed in this episode (though it had been foreshadowed in the Arrow episode "You Have Saved This City"), Oliver then made a deal with the Monitor that Barry and Kara would survive the Monitor's test in exchange for Oliver dying in the Crisis.


  • Earth-89's Joker was said to have recently been captured by its Batman and is also confirmed to be the same Batman and Joker from the 1989 film, Batman. However, Joker is killed in the film.
  • Brainy says that the antimatter wave will hit Earth by night the next day. However, it's still daytime when the antimatter hits National City (Earth-38), even given the dissipating/red skies.
    • However, when asked by J'onn when the wave would reach the planet Earth, Brainy said that there were too many variables to say for certain, but that if the wave wasn't stopped by the following night, their world would be completely gone. Thus, it's plausible that he meant that, by nightfall the following day, their Earth would already be destroyed.
    • The antimatter wave would need to travel thousands of times faster than light to cover the distance between Argo City and Earth in a day. While the quantum towers on Earth-38 slowed it down, the wave appears to sweep across various other Earths' locations at subsonic speeds, or almost instantly in a bright flash (on screen; and even the Solar System is being only slowly consumed.)
  • Earth-16 Oliver Queen believed Sara died on the Gambit. However, in "Star City 2046", Oliver knew Sara survived and referenced a conversation with Ray Palmer in "Pilot, Part 1".
  • Before leaving Earth-16, Sara tells Earth-16 Oliver "You're a good man, on every Earth." It is possible she forgot about his Earth-X counterpart, or simply left that information out given his death in "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4".
  • Despite the Legion returning to the future with their ship,[13] it makes an appearance in this episode. One might have been left over.
    • It's possible that when the Legion returned to pick Mon-El up, they may have brought more than one ship with them and left one behind in the twenty-first century, presumably to allow Brainy to return to the future after they'd dealt with his distant relative.
  • Kara and Clark charge the quantum tower with their heat vision until they both fall out of the sky. This should mean that the solar energy reserve in their bodies has been depleted, leaving them essentially human; powerless until their cells recharge.[14] (As demonstrated when Kara overexerted herself by using her heat vision for an extended period of time while fighting Red Tornado.)[15] However, after this, both Kara and Clark are seen using their powers without problems as they continue fighting the shadow demons alongside their friends.
    • It's possible that the Monitor recharged them with his 'cosmic' powers.