"I'm just putting this slop out of its misery."
Mick Rory on Cronenbaby[src]

An unnamed creature, nicknamed "Cronenbaby" by Nate Heywood (after a notion of "creating a baby" by Mick Rory), was briefly created by Legends in an attempt to combine the powers of Totems of Zambesi.


Cronenbaby's face

Cronenbaby's face, buried between the limbs of unknown nature.

In an attempt to create a creature to counter Mallus, the Legends used the powers of Totems of Zambesi combined with concentration of their minds, but due to faulty thoughts, their first creation become a wretched flesh monstrosity.

After the creation lived for a few seconds, engaging in unknown biological processes and seemingly being in great pain, Mick Rory performed a mercy kill on the creature with his Heat Gun, obliterating it from existence.[1]

Powers and abilities

Cronenbaby dispersing goo

Cronenbaby dispersing the goo.

  • Alternative biology: A living being created completely with magic, the creature possessed deeply unnatural physiology lacking the common logical structure and harmony to it.[1]
  • Unnatural existence: The creature was able to exist after being fully mind-created via the Totems of Zambesi.[1]
  • Goo sprinkling: The creature was able to disperse a fluid of unknown origin in a rather large radius.[1]


Mick burning the Cronenbaby

Cronenbaby about to be burned by Mick Rory's Heat Gun.

  • Fire: The creature was not only possible to kill with fire, but completely disappeared from existence after contact with one blast emitted by Mick Rory's Heat Gun.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • The creature is named after cult Canadian film director David Cronenberg, who is known for his body horror movies, which often include creatures with mis-jointed, illogically-structured, and surreal bodies not unlike what "Cronenbaby" possessed.


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