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"My whole life, I have been a sidekick. I have hidden behind my camera. All my best friends wear capes and they're heroes and they save people, and I want to do something good for the world, and I feel like I've waited too long already."
James Olsen to Winn Schott

"Crossfire" is the fifth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 7, 2016.



Kara and Mon-El at CatCo

Mon-El starts his new job.

Kara helps Mon-El prepare for his first day of work by cooking him breakfast, having him try on outfits, and giving him a new Earth identity as Mike Matthews. Kara brings "Mike" to CatCo and introduces him to Eve Teschmacher and James Olsen. Kara stresses to Mon-El the importance of not using his powers and trying to be inconspicuous.

Alex and Maggie are hanging out at Al's Dive Bar. Maggie tells her she broke up with her last girlfriend. Alex tries to reassure her about it but Maggie decides to go home.

While walking on the street, Kara thanks James for hiring Mon-El when suddenly a car of robbers pulls up. Kara changes into Supergirl but one of the robbers uses a laser gun to knock her back. James also fights one of the robbers, but gets beaten in the process. The laser-wielding robber fires multiple shots at Supergirl and she is unable to defeat them. In the chaos, James drops his dad's old camera.

At the D.E.O., they identify the laser weapon as an Anndrannian Photon Cannon and work on tracking the alien weapons. Then, another city-wide broadcast hacks the D.E.O. monitors with a message from Cadmus decrying the alien amnesty and branding aliens as dangerous. Kara hypothesizes that Cadmus may be the ones dealing alien weaponry to criminals.

At a CatCo meeting, Kara and another reporter debate whether humans need alien guns to defend themselves and disagree on the best course of action. James ends the meeting and laments the fact that he can't do more to help. They notice Eve with a mountain of paperwork. She tells them that she was helping Mike out since it is his first day. Kara goes to Mon-El and tells him off for not doing the work that he was supposed to be doing. Lena unexpectedly visits CatCo and invites Kara to a charity gala. Mon-El invites himself to the gala as well.

At the D.E.O., Alex talks to Winn about how Maggie has been feeling down since she had broken up with her girlfriend. Winn then gets an alert about another attack. Alex alerts Kara about the attack.

Supergirl arrives on scene finding the gang armed with alien weapons. One of the thugs launches a police car into the sky with an anti-gravity gun, so she flies off and saves the policeman inside the car.

Lillian talks to Chet Miner's gang

Leaders' meeting

The Cadmus leader meets with Chet Miner, the leader of the gang, and warns him not to go against Supergirl. After he brushes off her comments and asks for something bigger, the woman gives him a new weapon.

Alex meets Maggie at the crime scene of the last attack. Alex invites Maggie to go do something to help her feel better but Maggie doesn't feel up to it. Alex suggests they go out to have some fun but Maggie thought Alex was asking her out. Alex assures Maggie that she isn't into girls but Maggie says she's heard that before from other lesbians in the past. Alex nervously leaves.

James tells Kara that the attacks are causing people to support a repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. Kara asks him where Mike is. She then uses her super-hearing and overhears Eve and "Mike" about to get intimate. She catches them in a supply room making out and tells Eve to go. Kara berates Mon-El for not doing more to fit in. Mon-El tells her that he doesn't want to do what she does so Kara tells him to find another mentor if he doesn't like it at CatCo.

James meets up with Winn at the D.E.O. and asks him about the recent attacks. He gets Winn to inadvertently tell him about a possible lead at the Federal Reserve and leaves. Later that night, James dresses up in a hoodie and mask and uses a baseball bat to fight off the criminals robbing the Fed. Miner uses his new weapon to bring down a building. James races in to save the residents before the building comes crumbling down.

As James is dressing his injuries, Winn confronts him about his fight at the Fed last night. James tells him that he is tired of being a sidekick and seeing his friends fight of criminals while he is stuck behind a camera. James asks Winn to join him on his new cause and design him a new suit. Winn declines but James tells him he will be fighting crime with or without him. Winn tells him to rethink what he's going to do and leaves.

At her apartment, Kara vents to Alex about Mon-El's inability to take his job seriously. Alex tells Kara that she is trying too hard to make Mon-El be like Kara and needs to find out what works for him. Kara then apologizes to Alex for venting non-stop and asks what she came to talk about, but Lena unexpectedly drops by again asking Kara to get her in touch with Supergirl.

Later that night, Miner summons the Cadmus leader and asks her for more weapons to attack Lena Luthor's fundraiser. The woman cautions him against going after the Luthors but Miner pulls a gun on her. Unfazed, the woman talks about her larger goal of ending alien presence on Earth to better the lives of her son and daughter. She tells him that she isn't afraid of him and to go after Lena at his own peril.

Supergirl meets Lena at her L-Corp office. Lena invites Supergirl to the gala but Supergirl tells her that the risk of attack by Miner's gang is too great. Lena tells her that, like Supergirl, she is willing to take risks to see justice done. Supergirl accepts the invite, despite the expectation that both Kara and Supergirl are expected to attend.

Kara and Winn arrive at the gala. Kara meets up with Lena, but Winn fakes spilling something on Lena's dress to distract her. Supergirl arrives to the party and tells Lena that she will be scanning the perimeter for any trouble. As she flies away, Kara returns. James arrives; Winn asks if he's here to stop crime but James tells him he's just here as a member of the community. Mon-El bumps into Kara telling her he used Eve's credit card to buy a new suit. Kara stops herself from yelling at him and they have a dance. An explosion goes off and Miner's crew arrives to the party demanding everyone turn in their wallets and jewelry, prompting Kara to run out.

Supergirl shows up and battles the gang. She's knocked back by a blow from the laser gun. Mon-El attempts to help but is also hit with the laser gun. As Supergirl rains down heat vision blasts on the gang, Winn and Lena duck under the stage and set up a Black Body Field Generator to stop the weapons. James starts fighting the gang but is nearly hit by one of the weapons until Kara takes the hit for him. Three of the thugs then fire their weapons at her. Lena and Winn activate the generator which successfully destroys the alien guns.

The next day, Maggie is escorting Miner into police custody when the Cadmus woman's voice appears in Miner's head. Miner and his crew suddenly collapse on the street as the woman can be seen driving by with a device in her hand.

Winn visits James at CatCo and agrees to help him by making him a new suit. James tells him that he has already thought of a superhero name for himself.

Winn and Lena fix a black burst generator

Winn and Lena destroy the guns.

Later, Kara tells Mon-El that he is his own man and that he will need to find out for himself what kind of job he wants. As a nice gesture, Kara gives him a guide map to National City.

Alex meets up with Maggie at Al's Dive Bar and tells her that all of her life, she hasn't been able to be comfortable with dating. Alex tells Maggie that there was some truth to what she told her earlier.

Supergirl meets up with Lena and thanks her for her heroism. The Cadmus woman (unbeknownst to Supergirl) walks into Lena's office, so Supergirl leaves. The woman is revealed to be Lena's mother.



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  • When Mon-El is trying on clothes with Kara, his final clothing is a tribute to the traditional Jimmy Olsen bowtie look.
  • Chris Wood stated in an interview that one of his all-time favorite scenes to shoot was the breakfast moment when Mon-El starts eating all the pancakes at once like a sandwich; Wood also nearly dislocated his jaw while doing so.[1]
  • Mon-El mentions watching a show about doctors who sleep together in the workplace. This is a reference to Grey's Anatomy, in which Chyler Leigh portrayed Dr. Lexie Grey.
  • Kara refers to Alex's "punk rock" music phase. Leigh previously played the punk rocker June Tuesday in That '80s Show.
  • When Kara sees Lena at the gala, she tells Winn to "Commence, Operation: Doubtfire". This is a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire, a film about a divorced father who switches his identity as a housemaid.
  • It is revealed that the woman running Project Cadmus is Lillian Luthor, the mother of Lena and Lex Luthor. In the comics, she was originally known as Arlene Luthor and later renamed to Letitia Luthor. The name Lillian first appeared in Smallville.