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"My agreement with your husband, it gives you immunity. It doesn't make us allies."
Samanda Watson to Felicity Smoak

"Crossing Lines" is the third episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-first episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2018.



"Crossing Lines" begins with a beaten and ridiculous Oliver holding a bleeding shank. There's an arrangement of watchmen tumbling to the ground but is not seen whether it's Oliver doing the wounding.

Felicity is conversing with Agent Watson, despite everything attempting to persuade her to help track down Diaz. Watson advises Felicity to return home and leave the wrongdoing battling to the experts. Felicity gives Watson a last bit of harsh criticism before venturing out.

Oliver and Stanley are experiencing the cafeteria line when Brick, Samson, and Turner stroll in. Oliver goes up against Brick about holding up his finish of the deal and Brick gives in and consents to mastermind a gathering among Oliver and a known partner of Ricardo Diaz.

At ARGUS, Diggle is getting his child through a fake cross examination over an unfilled box of treats. Lyla strolls in and presents Jon Jr. the to sitter. Diggle and Lyla are going to leave town on business.

Watson is going over the Diaz case record with a partner at the FBI. The partner, who gives off an impression of being a surperior, says that she needs to concentrate her vitality on different cases suggesting he may be in Diaz's pocket.

Felicity and Rene are talking about their choices and it's uncovered they bothered Watson's office. They give bring forth a shot an arrangement to sneak into the CDC to attempt to get additional data of Diaz's whereabouts.

In Zurich, Diggle, Lyla, and Curtis are dealing with marking out Peter Tietjen, supervisor of a neighborhood bank they think has connections to criminal managers. Diggle and Lyla claim to be opening up a store box putting away a significant canvas to give Curtis time to hack into the bank's PC frameworks.

Felicity and Rene go to talk with Dinah and Agent Watson. Felicity uncovers she has an arrangement on the most proficient method to sneak into the CDC — and she uncovers that Diaz may be after vials containing different strains of illnesses, for example, ebola. She figures he may discharge them noticeable all around.

Watson consents to Felicity's arrangement and consents to give her help.

At Supermax, the cell entryways are opened, giving Oliver and Stanley time to get away to the jail rooftop and meet with the Diaz partner. They enter the cell they were told yet they're cornered by Turner and a couple of his men.

Tuner discloses to Oliver that it was each of the an arrangement and that Brick had zero aim of helping Oliver out. Block requested Turner to execute Oliver. Oliver and Stanley can stop Turner and his men and they tie him up.

Watson takes Felicity, Rene, and Dinah to the CDC and the whole gathering presents at FBI operators to gain admittance to the office.

Curtis races into the safehouse to disclose to Diggle that someone replicated the information they hacked from the Swiss bank. The two understand that Lyla is the main other individual who approached the information.

The gathering is marking out a particular room in the CDC and Rene witnesses Diaz and two of the Longbow Hunters enter. Felicity attempts to stop them by hacking the entryways yet she's hindered by sonic-based frequencies.

Dinah goes first floor and is before long defied by Silencer and the two beginning battling.

Watson and Rene go into the live with Diaz, Red Dart, and Kodiac and take a stab at halting them. Diaz and the two Longbow Hunters escape. Rene goes down the stairs to help Dinah with Silencer, but on the other hand she's ready to escape.

Diggle tracks Lyla down to defy her about the duplicated information. Lyla uncovers to her significant other that she got inside intel of an option that could be greater than what they've both dealed with previously and when she ran it up the chain at ARGUS, she continued getting obstructed. She's denouncing any kind of authority on this case.

Oliver and Stanley escort Turner to Brick's sheltered room. Once inside, it's uncovered that Brick has been running an in-jail battle club of sorts. There, the gathering powers Oliver and go head to head with Samson. In a battle until the very end, Oliver winds up slaughtering Samson to make it out of the battle.

He at that point scales the divider up to Brick's roost with a shiv close by. Block clarifies that The Demon — Diaz's partner Oliver needs to talk with — is situated in Level 2, a segment of the jail which consists some of the most dangerous criminals. After haring that, Oliver wounds two of the watchmen helping put on the battle club so he'll get moved to Level 2.

After the bombed activity at the CDC, Agent Watson uncovers that she's been downgraded to a work area work. Watson clarifies that she figures Felicity made the best choice by going under the table on Diaz.

Somewhere else, Rene uncovers to Felicity that he really caught Silencer and is keeping her at their safehouse.

Four individuals from the jail SWAT group show up to move Oliver to Level 2.


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  • As John and Lyla made their way to the bank, Curtis jokingly asked them to get a toaster. This is in reference to the fact of the old practice of banks giving free toasters to new customers. Banks have long since stopped this practice.
  • The painting Lyla and John use to access information from the Swiss bank is Rembrandt's Storm on the Sea of Galilee. The painting is famous for having been stolen from the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. It has never been recovered, and it's actual whereabouts remains unknown, making it popular fodder for TV show/movie heists such as this one.
  • This episode marked the final appearance of Sydelle Noel for the duration of the series.


  • Derek Sampson was screaming in pain after Oliver broke the former's arms, despite his inability to feel pain.
  • An error in the episode's synopsis mentioned Curtis going undercover. That doesn't happen in this episode, but it does in ""The Demon"", two episodes later.