"Concerned the police couldn't keep order in a Gotham without Batman, my dad started Crows Security, a private firm that protects the people that the Dark Knight left behind."
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Crows Security, simply known as the Crows, is a private security agency based in Gotham City. It was founded by Jacob Kane and consists of ex-Navy SEALs and Green Berets. Crows International is an international branch of the agency. Crows Security is also funded by Hamilton Dynamics.


Crows Security's main goal is to protect the citizens of Gotham City, even trying to do it far better than Bruce Wayne (under the persona of Batman) could, however, they are far from being as effective as the Dark Knight, as they only protect upper-class citizens; while Bruce protected all citizens of Gotham; regardless of whether or not they were upper-class, middle-class or low-class citizens.

The Crows are no allies to Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) even though her goal is to protect the citizens of Gotham City just like Batman had; until he left for some reason, as they have tried yet failed to arrest her on two separate occasions.


The Crows presided over switching off of the Bat-Signal, in place of Batman's absence. However, during this, Alice and the Wonderland gang ambushed the event and agent Sophie Moore was kidnapped, they kept on the watch, tracking them down to Burnside Orphanage, but were too late and they'd left, following this, they worked security for the city's movie in the park, watching out for the Wonderland gang, Dodgson double-crossed them, working with Alice, which Alice informed commander Jacob Kane of. However, a masked figure assisted in saving Moore, allowing the crows to focus on searching for Alice and Dodgson.[1]

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  • In DC Comics, The Murder of Crows is the nickname given to a five-man band of Colonel Jacob Kane's closest allies from the special operations community.


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