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"Well, I started the Crows because I wanted to protect Gotham from the kind of monsters who would hijack a school bus and run a family off the road like they were nothing, but somewhere along the way, the Crows began cutting corners to get results. While Agent Tavaroff is directly responsible for what happened to Mr. Fox, I am guilty of harboring these types of actions for years. I want to offer a direct apology to the Fox family for all the hurt that we have caused, but these are not isolated moments, and apologies mean nothing without actions. I have therefore come to the conclusion that there is only one way to make amends. As the founder and majority shareholder, I have decided to disband the Crows, effective immediately."
Jacob Kane[src]

Crows Security, simply known as the Crows, was a private security organization that worked along the GCPD in Gotham City. It was co-founded by Jacob Kane and the late Catherine Hamilton-Kane, and funded by the latter.

The organization was permanently disbanded by Jacob after he realized the extent of its corruption, due to Luke Fox's near-death and an attempt on his life by Crows agents.


Crows agents' badges.

Crows Security's main goal is to protect the citizens of Gotham City, even trying to do it far better than Batman could; however, they are far from being as effective as the Dark Knight, as they only protect upper-class citizens, while Batman protected all citizens of Gotham; regardless of whether or not they are upper-class, middle-class or low-class citizens.

After going through the case files of Reggie Harris, Jacob Kane discovered that there was a slew of corrupt agents in the Crows, as he learned that Miguel Robles took $50,000 from Stu Donnelly and co-conspirators, Angus Stanton and Raymond Calverick, to frame Harris for Lucius Fox's murder,[1][2] which was committed by Robles himself under the orders of Tommy Elliot.[3] This corruption was (seemingly) eradicated after Robles' arrest.

The Crows are no allies to Batwoman, even though her goal is to protect the citizens of Gotham City just like Batman had, as they have tried to arrest her on several occasions; albeit with no results.

The Crows lack any form of morals or honor; as evident by the fact that they broke the truce that Batwoman made with them; as they would work together (temporarily); until Tim Teslow is apprehended, but after Tim was killed by Jacob in cold blood, the crows then tried to kill the female bat vigilante in cold blood.

Unfortunately, after the standoff with Batwoman in Gotham City Arena, the Crows have gained a negative reputation after a video of them attempting to kill Batwoman in cold blood was leaked to the public. As a result of the video being leaked to the public; the citizens of Gotham City have lost any trust and respect that they once had for the Crows.


Early days

Crows Security was founded sometime between 2003 and 2004 by former USSOCOM colonel, Jacob Kane and Hamilton Dynamics' CEO Catherine Hamilton-Kane, who also funded the organization.[4] After Batman's disappearance, the Crows became the city's new protector, albeit only available for wealthy individuals.

In 2016, Sophie Moore joined the Crows and, as per protocol, worked the call center. Sophie received an anonymous call from Stephanie Brown that revealed the answers to the clues made by Cluemaster, resulting in his going to Blackgate and her being promoted to field agent.[5]

At some point, Sophie and the Crows were chasing a serial rapist; however, when he was caught, the evidence against him was circumstantial. Before court, evidence "appeared", leading to the man's conviction; Sophie ignored how the evidence appeared.[6]

Ryan Wilder, possessing drugs that belonged originally to Angelique Martin, was arrested by two Crows agents when the drugs were found on her,[7] resulting in Ryan doing time in Blackgate Penitentiary.[8]

Ascension of Batwoman

After Commander Kane was arrested in late 2019 for the alleged murder of his wife, Catherine Hamilton-Kane, agent Sophie Moore took charge of the security firm.[9] However, he was soon proven innocent by Sophie's help and the testimony of Dr. "Ethan Campbell" and thus released from prison and resumed his role as leader of the Crows.[10]

After Robles was arrested for being the detonator and confessed to having killed Lucius Fox, revealing all of the names of his fellow corrupt Crows agents, Jacob had them all arrested and created a new special strike team in a joint operation with the SRR led by Sophie and Julia Pennyworth,[3] although it was later revealed that she was actually disavowed by the agency.[11]

Crows Security was hired to make a delivery to Central City when the two agents were attacked by Psych who had them see an image of a monster eating citizens; the two agents ran after warning the Flash who saw nothing.[12]

A new Batwoman

The Crows assisted the GCPD in the search for Kate Kane when her private jet exploded over Gotham City.[13] Jacob and Sophie brought Mary Hamilton and Luke Fox to the headquarters for questioning after the two Crows learned that Kate was Batwoman.[8]

Jacob and the Crows tried to kill Batwoman in Gotham City Arena[14] with Dana Dewitt airing footage after Batwoman had not been seen for weeks, causing the citizens to have a protest, demanding her return; as they are completely enraged and disgusted by this despicable act. The Crows told the citizens to disburse the assembly. Suddenly, a swarm of bats attacked the protest and the Crows helped the citizens by killing the animals until Ryan Wilder, dressed in the Batsuit, led them away.[8]

Determined that Snakebite would not overrun the city, Jacob had a meeting with the Crows and told them to discover who led the False Face Society, a new gang of drug dealers; later, Agent Whelan was told that the False Face Society Leader wore a black mask, but Whelan refused to present this information to Jacob without knowing a proper identity.[15]

Jacob asked Agent Whelan to research the Napier painting.[16] After conversing with Evan Blake, Jacob and Sophie learn that the painting was to be auctioned and ask Batwoman to assist them in using the painting to find Coryana; reluctantly, Batwoman assists the Crows until they hit Wolf Spider with an SUV and leave him for dead. Later, Sophie brings Batwoman the badges of the fired agents, but Batwoman is not forgiving and wants Sophie to resign from the organization as well.[7]

The Crows raided Garnick Industries to find Ethan Rogers dead.[17]

After the assassination of police commissioner Forbes, the Crows, led by Sophie, make finding the killer a priority; however, video footage of the death was deleted, so Sophie wanted the Crows to learn who altered the tape.[18]

Russell Tavaroff becomes the lead investigator on the False Face Society[19] after the gang kills three Crows to free Angelique Martin during a prisoner transfer to witness protection.[20] Finding DNA that belongs to Batwoman,[19] agent Tavaroff has the sample analyzed, however, he does not discover Batwoman's secret identity; but Sophie does, as she erases the information of Ryan Wilder from the Crows' database to keep her secret.[21]

Eventually, Sophie resigned from Crows after realizing the corruption and apathy within was too much for her to fix.[22]

Being disbanded

Jacob Kane disbands the Crows.

When Russell Tavaroff shot Luke Fox and lied saying that Luke had a gun, he asked some of the Crows members to modify the video that almost made him arrest Luke, until Jacob received a visit from Sophie, who told him to go back to check and find out if Tavaroff lied or not. When Jacob found the truth, Tavaroff knocked him out. Tavaroff and the other members planned to kill Jacob with a snakebite making it look like an overdose, but Batwoman came and defeated them, saving Jacob and told Jacob him he had to make a decision. The next day, Jacob cleared Luke's name and disbanded the Crows permanently.[23]

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  • B-42 is the shoot-to-kill command, although only a commander or acting commander can order one.[24]
  • According to Sophie Moore, all rookies spend a year on the tip line answering calls.[25]
  • As of "Armed and Dangerous"; Crows Security has been permanently disbanded.

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, The Murder of Crows is the nickname given to a five-man band of Colonel Jacob Kane's closest allies from the special operations community.