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|name= Crucible

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"Everybody goes through a crucible "
—Sebastion Blood giving advice to Oliver
"Crucible" is the ???th episode of Arrow. It aired on October 30, 2013.

"Crucible" is the fourth episode of the second season, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on October 30, 2013.


Oliver discovers a man who goes by the name "The Mayor" is bringing illegal guns into the Glades, so Oliver sponsors a "Cash for Guns" event to help clean up the city. Unfortunately, The Mayor crashes the event with his gang and seriously injures Sin. The Canary is furious when she learns her friend is in the hospital and sets out for revenge. Meanwhile, Felicity stuns Oliver with a bit of information about the Canary, Donner asks Laurel to dinner, and John reconnects with an old friend.


Felicity realizes from Oliver's past encounters with the female vigilante that she has been following Laurel. With this information, Oliver manages to ambush her and discovers that she is Sara, Laurel's sister who was believed to have drowned. Meanwhile, weapons shipments are being intercepted by a gang leader calling himself "The Mayor", who assaults a gun rally hosted by Oliver and Blood. This allows Felicity to identify the Mayor, and subsequently track him down. Oliver recruits Sara to assist him in capturing the Mayor. Afterward, a corrupt police officer brings "The Mayor" to an unknown location, where Blood injects him with a green substance that ultimately kills him. Meanwhile, Laurel develops a drinking problem, and refuses help from her father and Oliver. In response, Oliver asks Sara to reveal herself to her family, knowing it will cost him Laurel's friendship. In flashbacks, Oliver is questioned about the bodies of the Japanese soldiers, but when he refuses to answer questions he is taken to an interrogation room where he first learns that Sara is alive.


Preparation ran from August 2 until August 13, 2013. Shooting ran from August 14 until August 23, 2013.[1]


  • Sebastian Blood sarcastically asks if "Another party at your stately manor" is Oliver's idea of help, invoking the 1960s Batman series, the voiceover on which constantly referred to "Stately Wayne manor".
  • Shortly before Sebastian Blood thanks Oliver for funding the gun rally, the news in the background can be heard talking about the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator protests. It mentions that five people have been arrested.




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