"The Culebras are the bloodiest gang in Starling."
Felicity Smoak to Team Arrow[src]

The Culebra gang is a gang based in Star City and seems to mainly operate in The Glades. They are considered to be the most violent gang in the city.[1]


The Culebras have a long-standing rivalry with the Los Halcones. The organization gets their military-grade weapons from the Bratva.

In 2008, the Culebras ran the Glades, often clashing with vigilantes Ted Grant and Isaac Stanzler. At some point, Isaac beat a Culebra drug dealer to death with brass knuckles. The gang then captured and tortured Isaac for months as retaliation, until he managed to escape.

In 2014, Isaac Stanzler massacred most of the Culebras, including Emilio "Paco" Ortega.[1]

Known members

Deceased members



Season 3


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