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"The Culebras are the bloodiest gang in Starling."
Felicity Smoak to Team Arrow[src]

The Culebra gang is a gang based in Star City and seems to mainly operate in The Glades. They are considered to be the most violent gang in the city.[1]


The Culebras have a long-standing rivalry with the Los Halcones. The organization gets their military-grade weapons from the Bratva.

In 2008, the Culebras ran the Glades, often clashing with vigilantes Ted Grant and Isaac Stanzler. At some point, Isaac beat a Culebra drug dealer to death with brass knuckles. The gang then captured and tortured Isaac for months as retaliation, until he managed to escape.[1]

In early 2011, the Culebras had a shootout with an SCPD S.W.A.T. unit, who were called to the edge of their territory in The Glades by a rival gang under the guise of a bomb alert.[2][3]

In 2014, Isaac massacred most of the Culebras, including Emilio "Paco" Ortega.[1]

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