"Welcome, children of Rao. We are here, all of us, by Her grace. We are here together, standing in the light, for just one reason. We are here because Supergirl saved us. Let us begin by reaffirming our faith. Though we go forth alone, our soul unites under Rao's gladsome rays. For Rao sees all, feels all. His love is eternal. May Rao protect us so that we might protect others."
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Cult of Rao was a radical religious sect organized by Thomas Coville, a lawyer who was saved during the first appearance of Supergirl in National City, subsequently turning Acolyte of Rao and using knowledge from a Kryptonian BetaHedron.[1] After Supergirl's first defeat at the hands of Reign, Thomas Coville joined the efforts of Worldkillers and rebranded the religion, believing Supergirl lost. This led to the rise of Cult of Yuda Kal, the antagonistic deity in the religion of Rao, now coveted by Coville's followers as the harbinger of darkness.[2]


Thomas Coville, previously disenfranchised with his life, has found hope again after he looked into the eyes of Supergirl. Believing the Kryptonian's help to be an act of a goddess, he intended to create a cult in Supergirl's honor. At some point he's found the BetaHedron, a Kryptonian pod containing information on the worship of Rao, the sun god of Krypton. He started gathering followers at a Community Center in National City to spread the word of Rao on Earth. Along with traditional Kryptonian worship, he also included the worship of superheroes in his religion, particularly Supergirl, gathering all the people that she saved. According to Coville's preaching, one's faith in Supergirl was a guarantee in them being saved from danger, physical or spiritual. He noticed Kara Danvers when she visited one of the cult meetings, when Olivia told the story of how Supergirl saved her. Later on, Kara visited the Community Center again, confronting Thomas with the fact that Kenneth attempted arson and suicide to test his faith in Supergirl, which Thomas did not object to, and even managed to discern Supergirl's true identity.

Although promising Supergirl not to put any other people in danger, Thomas actually intended to try and explode the BetaHedron together with other cult members under a stadium with 15000 people in audience, all as a test for Supergirl. The BetaHedron also contained Kryptonite, which weakened Kara as soon as she arrived, allowing her to show that even Kryptonians are mortal as she bled. As the other cult members escaped, Thomas was exasperated, almost losing hope. Nevertheless, Supergirl persisted and together with Thomas and Alex Danvers was able to stop the BetaHedron from destroying the stadium, burying it many kilometers under the ground. Thomas then surrendered to the police and was incarcerated, but he took it in stride as his penance for mistakes and salvation for him and Supergirl. Confronting Kara at prison with the fact that she's losing hope herself, he gave her spiritual advice and promised to pray not just to her, but for her.[1]

Thomas would eventually escape prison by unspecified means and offer his services to Kryptonian witches' hologram left in the Fortress of Sanctuary, believing Supergirl's cause lost and wishing to see the apocalyptic prophecy of darkness from the Rao religion apocrypha to come true. The Fortress of Sanctuary hologram presented him before Reign as an ally.[3] As Coville secretly spread the new, pro-Worldkillers doctrine among his old followers, they have abandoned the worship of Rao and started a Cult of Yuda Kal under Olivia's leadership, intent on turning Olivia into Yuda Kal's vessel, and thus, a new Worldkiller.[2]

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  • In a sense of irony, this is what Lillian Luthor believed would happen, people worshiping Kryptonians.
  • In the comics, the character of Linda Danvers replaced Kara as Supergirl and was a heavenly being, the Earth-Born Angel of Fire. During this run, Linda discovers a religious cult founded in devotion to her, the Church of Supergirl.



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