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"But you can't make Alchemy do anything. He's just an acolyte, like me. We both serve the speed god, Savitar. He's shown us the future."

After the events of Flashpoint, Savitar, the "God of Speed", built a cult devoted to himself through the avatar known as Alchemy. According to one Acolyte, Savitar will judge the human race. One act done in his name was Alchemy restoring the abilities of some of the individuals who had powers in "Flashpoint." Savitar showed them a vision of the future, and one of the things they saw, was full-fledged Killer Frost. They were all captured by Flash.

Known members

Acolyte and Craig holding Joe West.

Former members

Known allies

Former allies

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The Flash

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Cult of Savitar are known as the Thunderbolt Agents, a group of ninja followers turned cult led by Savitar. After becoming a religious cult, they prophesized his return after being gone for decades and, when Savitar eventually did return, he recruited Lady Flash and stripped Earth's speedsters of their link to the Speed Force, transferring their speed to the Thunderbolt Agents. They debuted in The Flash #108 (December, 1995) as part of the Flash: Dead Heat storyline.