"We're cursed, Siobhan. From way back in the day, before we left Ireland. Some starving bog lady ancestor stole from a banshee."

The Curse of the Banshee is a supernatural affliction placed upon the bloodline of Sinead and Siobhan Smythe when one of their ancestors in Ireland stole from a banshee. Rooted in dark magic, the curse compels the women of the family to kill anyone who wronged them to break the curse or what they perceive as being wronged.[1]

Specifics of the Curse

"The curse is triggered when someone wrongs you. If you want it to stop, you're going to have to kill whoever is the object of your anger. [...] The power inside you will grow. Your voice becomes a weapon that you can send anywhere in the world. Focus on your target enough and your scream will decimate them. But you will also destroy your soul."

The curse empowers the afflicted with the ability to draw upon a powerful sonic scream. This is triggered whenever someone has wronged the women on an intimate level or what they perceive as being wronged. This is not difficult, as the curse subconsciously conditions the women of the bloodline to be aggressive and selfish. The curse may only be broken if the afflicted kills the one who triggered the power. The longer the offender lives, the scream will grow more potent until she becomes strong enough to project it anywhere in the world. Only by concentrating on their offender may they destroy them.[1]



Season 1


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