Detective Frankie Curtis is a police detective of the Central City Police Department in 2049.


Previous timeline

Curtis was waiting in a crime scene for CSI Nora West-Allen to come and investigate the scene. When she arrived, Nora tried to explain why she was late, but Curtis said that she didn't care.[1]

Curtis explained that a truck was robbed, and that nobody can identify the thief. Nora reported what was stolen, and after finding a camera, Curtis came to the conclusion that the thief picked the lock, disabled the camera, stole what he wants, and nobody saw him. She wondered how it's possible to do those things.[1]

Sometime after that, Nora identified the thief as a speedster. Sadly, another CSI and Nora's best friend, Lia Nelson, was killed by the speedster, who phased his arm through her. The incident allowed the CCPD to identify the speedster, due to his DNA being left on Lia's body. The speedster was identified as August Heart.[1]

With this information, Curtis entered Nora's lab, and found her crying over her best friend's death. She said that she'll miss Lia too, and due to her knowing how close they were, suggested to Nora that she could talk to Captain Frye about her (Nora) taking some time off (so she could mourn Lia's death), but she insisted that they need to catch the speedster at any cost. Curtis accepted that, and told Nora what they discovered. Before leaving, she promised Nora that they will catch Heart.[1]

Current timeline

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  • High-level intellect/Expert detective: As a police detective of the Central City Police Department, Curtis has proven herself a highly skilled detective.


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