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The Cushing family, formerly known as the Cortez family[1], is a prominent family who are residents of Smallville.


At some point they changed their name from Cortez to Cushings when they arrived to Smallville.[1]

At some point Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing got married and had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.[2]

At some point, Kyle developed alcohol addiction and had an affair with the bartender, Tonya Martinez. But they broke up a while later.[1]

The Cushing family is popular in Smallville for their barbecues.[2]

When Sarah was around 13, she developed depression and tried to commit suicide with an overdose of her mother’s pills but survived.

At some point, Sarah started dating Sean Smith,[3] but broke up with him and started dating Jordan Kent.[4]

During Sarah's quinceañera, she found out about her father's affair with Tonya Martinez and told her mother, who was upset.[1]

Known family members

  • Maryann Cushing (Kyle's mother, Lana's mother-in-law, and Sarah and Sophie's grandmother)
  • Unnamed (Kyle's father, Maryann husband, Lana's father-in-law, and Sarah and Sophie's grandfather)
  • Kyle Cushing (Maryann's son, Lana's husband, and Sarah and Sophie's father)
  • Lana Lang Cushing (Maryann's daughter-in-law, Kyle's wife, and Sarah and Sophie's mother)
  • Sarah Cushing (Maryann's granddaughter, Kyle and Lana's daughter, and Sophie's sister)
  • Sophie Cushing (Maryann's granddaughter, Kyle and Lana's daughter, and Sarah's sister)