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"Say, you realize how he got the nickname 'Cutter,' don't you?"
"Because he likes to cut people.
Grady and Barry Allen on Cutter Moran[src]

"Cutter" Moran was a mobster in the Music Meister's movie musical reality. He was the counterpart of Malcolm Merlyn.


The man was notoriously nicknamed "Cutter" due to his penchant for "cutting" people. At one point, he slit his own cousin's throat, apparently because the latter talked too much.

Cutter singing "Put a Little Love In Your Heart"

After Kara Danvers sang "Moon River", Cutter ordered her and Barry Allen to sing something original for their next performance. Soon after, Cutter joined the club in singing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart".

After Cutter's son, Tommy Moran, revealed he was dating Millie Foss, the daughter of his rivals, Cutter was left distraught. Kara seemingly talked him into accepting his son's love, which he ultimately does by simultaneously singing with his rivals, who also accepted their daughter's love. However, he ordered his assistant to gather their men for war shortly after.

Cutter was confronted outside his club and a firefight ensued, leaving no survivors.[1]


The Flash

Season 3


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