Cyborgs are humans who have cybernetic enhancements, which grant them enhanced physical attributes.

Physical appearance

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Cyborgs are easily distinguishable from humans.



Dr. Laura Washington artificially augmented herself using technology stolen from Van Horn Industries.[1]


Sometime after Hank Henshaw was presumed dead and J'onn J'onzz took his place as the director of the D.E.O., Project Cadmus turned the former into a cyborg; giving him enhanced physical attributes that surpasses that of Supergirl's, although it is unknown if he is physically more powerful than Superman, as Superman has been exposed to Earth's yellow sun far longer than Kara has, and thus, his powers are far more potent than hers.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Enhanced strength: Due to their cybernetic enhancements; cyborgs are much stronger than normal humans.
  • Enhanced speed: Due to their cybernetic enhancements; cyborgs are able to move much faster than normal humans.
  • Enhanced durability: Due to their cybernetic enhancements; cyborgs are able to take far more damage than normal humans.
  • Enhanced stamina: Due to their cybernetic enhancements; cyborgs are able to exert themselves for long periods of time without becoming fatigued, far longer damage than normal humans.


  • Physical trauma: Despite their physically enhanced attributes, cyborgs are not invincible; as they can be weakened by an amount of physical trauma.

Known Cyborgs

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