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"Welcome to the D.E.O., the Department of Extra-normal Operations. The D.E.O. monitors and protects Earth from extraterrestrial presence and/or invasion. That means you."
Hank Henshaw to Supergirl[src]

The Department of Extra-normal Operations, simply known as the D.E.O., was a governmental organization created following Superman's arrival on Earth to monitor extraterrestrial presence on the planet. It was formerly led by Director Hank Henshaw until he was presumably killed by Jeremiah Danvers in order to save the alien fugitive J'onn J'onzz, who began posing as Henshaw to reform the D.E.O. for its intended purpose. After his identity was exposed, Lucy Lane was named deputy director. However, after helping Supergirl defeat Non and Indigo, J'onn received a presidential pardon and was reinstated as director of the D.E.O., continuing to use Hank's appearance for convenience's sake around D.E.O. agents and for public appearances.

Due to the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the D.E.O. was destroyed (i.e. all the employees died from antimatter) and a new organization was formed on Earth-Prime.


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Following Kal-El's arrival on Earth, the United States government decided that they needed to protect themselves against extraterrestrial presence, and potential invasion, so they created the Department of Extra-Normal Operations.

24 years later, after Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, they began to catalog all of the aliens seen in public.

12 years later, the D.E.O. captured Kara Danvers. She was made aware of the department's existence, and their motives. Though they initially didn't work well, "Hank Henshaw" allowed Kara to take down Vartox, one of many alien threat, as Supergirl.[1]

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  • Since the Children of Liberty's emergence, the D.E.O. was slowly being warped into a less effective organization; due to the then-corrupt president, Phil Baker's interference; in order to get the public back on his side; but this came to an end after Baker's involvement with Lex Luthor was exposed to the public, thus; he was subsequently removed from office, impeached and arrested; due to his affiliation with Lex.

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  • In the DC comics, the D.E.O. tracks, investigates and processes meta-human activities and persons.