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For other uses, see D.E.O. headquarters.

A headquarters of the D.E.O. was located in National City, acting as one of the several facilities used by the organization.


J'onn J'onzz introduced Kara Danvers to the headquarters, the latter having only previously been familiar with the one in the desert.[1] It was destroyed when the Antimatter wave destroyed all of Earth-38.[2]



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  • The headquarters is located "like a block" from Alex Danvers' apartment.[1]
  • Kara Danvers prefers this facility due to hating the residing bats in the D.E.O. desert headquarters.[1]
  • The DEO sets up a private room that only Kara can open, Containing a hologram generated by an interactive artificial intelligence program that was on the pod that carried Kara to Earth. This hologram looks like Alura Zor-el and can answer any question based on her experience and knowledge.
  • The DEO has a Laser defense system.

Behind the scenes

  • The introduction of a new headquarters had to do with the shift of Supergirl from CBS to The CW, thus relocating from Los Angeles to Vancouver, meaning a new set had to be built.