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"Hope, help, and compassion for all."
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The headquarters of the D.E.O. was located in National City. It served as a replacement for the Earth-38 version lost during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, prior to its destruction by Rama Khan.


The D.E.O. headquarters was brought into existence Post-Crisis, becoming the on Earth-Prime replacement of its Earth-38 counterpart. However, the organization was absorbed into Luthor Corp and is now controlled by Lex and Lena. Unlike on the Earth of Earth-38, the HQ was public knowledge.[1]

Kryptonite and many of Lex's gadgets were stored in the D.E.O., along with past villain gear that was confiscated from aprehended humans and aliens. This included Winslow Schott Sr. and the other Winn's deadly toys. As the D.E.O. was owned by Lex, it's likely the Kryptonite obtained by Hank Henshaw was not given away by J'onn for Superman to throw into the sun (as was done in Earth-38).

The DEO headquarters is destroyed.

Toyman of Earth-TUD17 managed to briefly take control of the computers in the D.E.O. after digitizing his mind into a laptop that also held the mind of Earth-Prime's Toyman.[2]

In April 2020, Rama Khan was brought to the D.E.O. for questioning. This, however, was part of Leviathan's plan, and Rama Khan managed to escape and harvest Kryptonite from the headquarters' security measures. Upon leaving, he tore down the D.E.O. headquarters, burying any alien technology that could be used against Leviathan. [3]

Not knowing the place was destroyed, Ava Sharpe tried to call here.[4]

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  • It's implied this was the only D.E.O. base on Earth-Prime, as Kara says the D.E.O. "is gone." The desert base was previously used for secrecry, but the new timeline suggests the D.E.O. had always been public.


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