The DELPHI Protocol, or simply DELPHI, is an automated database program created by Barbara Gordon. It tracks and sorts crimes reported in New Gotham City, alerting anything deemed to be meta-human-related.


The DELPHI Protocol, which is piggy-backed to the computers of the New Gotham Police Department to receive information as the police do about crimes that might involve Meta-humans, alerted Barbara to the deaths of Jack Barnstone and Grace Tanner, both having seemingly drowned despite no water in their lungs or anywhere near them.[1]

Barbara searched DELPHI to try to find anything related to more than one meta-human having the same powers, but came up with nothing.[2]

DELPHI Protocol was used to attempt to identify a woman thought to be the mother of Guy, using both facial recognition and analysis of her body, leading the Birds of Prey to Simcron Labs.[3]

The next morning after his murder, Willie Cortez was identified by the police; DELPHI protocol activated and showed Barbara the results.[4]


Birds of Prey


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