"30,000 years ago masks invested their wearer with authority, like a god!"
—Daily to Laurel Lance, imitating Brother Blood[src]

Officer Daily (died 2014), also known as Brother Daily (and once posing as Brother Blood, known to Star City Police Department as "The Masked Man"), was a corrupt police officer of the SCPD. He secretly worked for Sebastian Blood, who used the alias Brother Blood. He was killed by Laurel Lance after he kidnapped her whilst posing as Brother Blood to divert any suspicion from Sebastian himself. He was also a member of the Church of Blood.


Working for the Church of Blood

Officer Daily pulled over Laurel Lance when she was drunk-driving and later called her father, Quentin Lance, telling him that she went 6 over the limit. He later helped Sebastian Blood kidnap The Mayor to be a subject of "The Miracle".[1]

After Sebastian watched a report of the Arrow killing Cecil Adams, Daily told Sebastian that there had been a development with one of the Mirakuru users, Cyrus Gold.[2]

Daily quickly informed Sebastian when Roy Harper, Thea Queen, and Cindy Simone began searching for Max Stanton, an unsuccessful candidate for the Church of Blood. Later, while Roy was taking a photo of the Max's body, Daily told Roy he shouldn't be there.[3]

Daily joined Lance's team to catch Cyrus Gold, and warned Sebastian Blood about the mission. He later was found in the hospital, when Blood came to support Laurel, the two nodded at each other.[4]

Later, Lance came to talk with Daily and asked him if his arm was alright.[5]

After getting a call from Sebastian, Daily sacked Laurel's apartment in search for drugs. Daily would find unprescribed drugs in Laurel's bedroom, arresting her with a search warrant. He would later pose as the "Masked Man" and kidnap Laurel. He left a message to lure the Arrow and then took Laurel to the warehouse Starling Cannery.

When Laurel awoke, Daily taunted her about not having any evidence of her claims against Sebastian. The Arrow showed up and disarmed Daily when he went for his gun. Daily got into a confrontation where he fought the Arrow unarmed and suddenly disappeared in an instant. Attacking the Arrow from behind, Daily wrestled him to the floor and got him in an armlock. The Arrow managed to stab him with an arrow, but Daily grabbed his spare gun and was about to shoot the vigilante. Laurel shot Daily just in time to save the Arrow. Laurel's suspicion of Sebastian being the masked man would be gone after seeing Daily under the mask.[6]


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Daily was very loyal as he was willing to pose as the "Masked Man", knowing he could possibly be killed to remove any suspicion of Sebastian being the "Masked Man".


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a police officer and a member of the Church of Blood, Daily was in top physical condition.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Daily proved himself to be highly skilled in unarmed combat, as he had received training, as all Starling City Police Department members do; being able to fight on par with the Arrow, fighting him unarmed while the Arrow used his bow and arrows as melee weapons. He even managed to get Oliver in an arm lock and almost overpowered him before he was shot and killed by Laurel Lance.
    • Expert marksman: As a police officer of the Starling City Police Department, Daily was skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Stealth: Daily was somehow able to disappear in an instance, before performing a sneak attack from behind from an impossible angle. Daily was able to sneak up on both Laurel and the Arrow.


  • Guns: Daily was very proficient in using guns.
  • Brother Blood mask: Daily wore a skull mask identical to that of Sebastian Blood. He used this to pose as Brother Blood during his fight against the Arrow. 
  • Voice filter: Daily used this device to mask his voice while posing as Brother Blood. 



Season 2


  • Daily is one of the few individuals to beat and almost kill Oliver Queen in battle and is also one of the few individuals to do so without powers.


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