"The multiverse has a way of aligning fates...It's written in the stars and in this book, or I wouldn't know that on this Earth, Clark Kent is Superman. Where I come from, that would be ridiculous. He can't see past his glasses."

Lex Luthor[src]

This article is about the newspaper publisher set in the Smallville universe. This article only contains information relevant to the Arrowverse. For information regarding that universe, please see Daily Planet.

"Metropolis' greatest newspaper"
—The Daily Planet's tagline[src]

The Daily Planet is a newspaper publisher in Metropolis.


In 2019, several newspaper headlines were in picture frames on the walls of Clark Kent's Smallville home.[1]

Known employees

Former employees

  • Lois Lane (presumably resigned and relocated to Smallville)



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Daily Planet is the daily newspaper of Metropolis and the workplace of Superman in his civilian persona.
  • The article "Superman Saves the Day!" is one shown many times in the series Smallville.
  • The article "I Spent the Night With Superman" is a reference to the interview in Superman: the Movie and the article in Superman Returns.


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