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"Well, let me assure all of you, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and all of the hags over at the Daily Planet are working day and night to get this exclusive. We need to get it first."
Cat Grant[src]

The Daily Planet is a newspaper publisher located in Metropolis. It is considered to be CatCo Worldwide Media's biggest competitor.[1]


Cat Grant worked at the Daily Planet as editor-in-chief Perry White's personal assistant until she had the opportunity to write a piece for the gossip column of the paper. After working as a gossip columnist for sometime, Cat quit the Daily Planet to start her media conglomerate, CatCo Worldwide Media.[2]

Since Superman emerged as a vigilante in Metropolis, the Daily Planet's popularity skyrocketed, with the superhero being featured on the cover of 54% of their stories. Photojournalist James Olsen took the 1st photo of Superman[1] while reporter Lois Lane was the first to interview the superhero for the Daily Planet.[3]

Sometime after 1999, Clark conducted a prison interview with Winslow Schott Sr. aka Toyman for the Daily Planet.

Sometime after 2010, Lois wrote an article detailing a battle between Superman and Reactron in Metropolis.[4]

After the emergence of Supergirl in National City, numerous reporters, including those from the Daily Planet, were attempting to obtain an exclusive with her.[2] However, Cat ultimately obtained the exclusive and "scooped" the Daily Planet with the revelation that Supergirl and Superman were cousins.[5]

Siobhan Smythe planned to sell a video of Supergirl letting an alien criminal go free to Perry, and use the story to be hired by the Daily Planet as a reporter. However, once Cat learned of her betrayal, she later convinced Perry not to hire Siobhan.[6]

On August 2, 2018, Brooke Pohl wrote an article for the Daily Planet on James' exposure as the vigilante "Guardian". A story on Supergirl's final defeat of Reign was also published.[7]

On August 9, 2018, Lois did a story for the Daily Planet on Supergirl protecting Earth while Superman was off-world.[8]

In March 2019, Lex Luthor battled Supergirl on the Daily Planet's rooftop after escaping custody, causing significant damage to its globe.[9]

In late 2019, the Daily Planet covered Kara Danvers of CatCo being awarded a Pulitzer Prize.[10]

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  • In the comics, the Daily Planet is the daily newspaper of Metropolis and the workplace of Superman in his civilian persona.