"Everyone in here, we’re the most dependable friends the people of Metropolis have. You remember that."
Perry White to Clark Kent[src]

The Daily Planet is a newspaper publisher located in Metropolis.


Since Superman emerged as a vigilante in Metropolis, the Daily Planet's popularity skyrocketed, with the superhero often being featured on their stories. Photojournalist James Olsen took the 1st photo of Superman.[1]

Jealous of the fame of Lois Lane, fashion and gossip reporter, Cat Grant, went to Midvale to see if there was a super-powered being there; getting permission from Perry White, Cat promised to send him the story.[2]

Lex Luthor had a front page article the day he was scheduled to get the Nobel Peace Prize.[3]

Sometime prior to early 2021, Morgan Edge purchased the Daily Planet. Following the purchase, a number of employees were fired, including Clark Kent and Whit.[4]

Instead of allowing Lois Lane to print an article about his dealings in the town of Smallville, Morgan Edge edited the piece to his liking; upon discovering the rewritten article, Lois quit the newspaper.[5]

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  • In the comics, the Daily Planet is the daily newspaper of Metropolis and the workplace of Superman in his civilian persona.


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