Daisy Korber was an entity who is the mirrored doppelgänger and a cloned counterpart to Daisy Korber.


Eva McCulloch began kidnapping people in Central City and having them taken into the Mirrorverse; Daisy was created after Daisy Korber was captured inside an elevator at the Central City Police Department.[1]

She hunted Joe West at the CCPD. He hid in the lab with Cecile Horton and Daisy knocked on the door until it fell. But she disappeared while Cecile's clone chats with Joe. Daisy was destroyed when Eva chose to abandon her plan.[2]


Upon Daisy's destruction, Daisy Korber was returned to Earth-Prime.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: As she was created by Eva, Daisy had a connection to her.[3]


The Flash

Season 7


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