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Not to be confused with the Arrow episode, "Damaged".
"I don't know what kind of hippy-dippy justice you practiced on your planet, sweetheart, but this is the real world. It's dog-eat-dog out here. Now, if I had an enemy, I'd crush her without mercy. Let's say, for instance, I was your enemy, hmm? The thing for you to do right now would be to kill me. But you capes, you don't have what it takes. Do you?"
Morgan Edge to Supergirl

"Damage" is the fifth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 6, 2017.




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The episode begins with a hijacked bus transporting prisoners Before long, Kara and Alex ­board the transport and thus stop the hijacking.

Samantha is dropping Ruby off at school and Ruby continues getting some information about the scene we saw toward the finish a week ago, where Ruby discovered Samantha crying on the floor of the bathroom. Ruby is walking to her school when one of her schoolmates drops to the ground having a seizure, Samantha sees this and runs to help.

At CatCo, James is conversing with Lena when they see Morgan Edge on the TV having a public interview from Luthor Children's Hospital. He says that an increasing number of kids are being poisoned by lead and reprimands Lena for causing it.

Alex and Maggie are discussing their future whether to have kids. Alex said that she wants kids while Maggie does not want any. They conclude they can never be together because of it.

Lena and Kara went to the clinic when Samantha appears — the child she helped before has been admitted in the hospital in view of lead poisoning.

Edge appears and Lena goes up against him. He keeps on telling Lena that those children are there because of it.

Back at CatCo, Lena, Kara, Samantha, and James are discussing about the lead poisoning when James makes an observation that Lena should step down from her job so that people could construe the CatCo. is not biased towards Lena's point of view. Lena concurs and appointed James to head CatCo. until the issue is resolved.

A displeased dad barges into the office and approaches Lena about the issues. He disclosed that his child is currently hospitalized and blames Lena for it before security takes him out.

Lena told James to arrange a question-and-answer session later in the day — she needs to address the general population. She was speaking on the podium her when gunshots are fired hitting James.

James and Kara are at the DEO — James is fine, he was shot in the shoulder. Winn run an experiment and thus found out that there's still a 10.2% possibility that the lead bomb caused the recent health problems.

Alex is helping Maggie pack her boxes because she is moving out of Alex's Apartment. Maggie begins playing music on her telephone and the two begin dancing. One thing led to another, and they ended up in bed.

Lena decide to remain at Samantha's place because Samantha said it is ok for her to stay in. Kara appears and converses with Lena who — at this point — is fairly drunk. Lena says that she "isn't justified, despite any potential benefits."

Lena was sleeping because of drunkenness. Kara and Samantha start talking about the lead poisoning case. Samantha says there is nothing in common between the children who've been harmed — they live everywhere throughout the city.

Kara specifies that there must be an association between them all and suggests they start looking through bank transactions. Samantha hacked into the bank records and discovers that the children who was poisoned by lead were at a similar OctoberFest occasion.

In the wake of getting personal, Alex and Maggie keep discussing their relationship. Maggie asks as to whether children merit taking a chance with their relationship and Alex says she ash been wanting to become a mom for a long time.

Kara and Samantha are working on the lead they have of the OctoberFest festival and start investigating the merchants that were there. At the rec focus where the occasion was held, Kara and Samantha are talking and they discover they were each embraced. Kara sees something out of order with the pool and sends a water test to Winn. Winn runs the example and realizes that somebody added a chemical that emulates the side effects of lead poisoning when mixed with water.

Kara considers Lena and fills her in. Lena at that point goes right away to Morgan's office and stands up to him about being the one to harm the pool water. She winds up threatening to use a firearm on Edge, yet is before long taken out by one of his associates.

Lena awakens and she's tied up in the seat on a C-130 cargo plane.

Lena tries to figure out what's going on and realizes the cargo plane is on autopilot. We see that the plane is being flown remotely by Edge and one of his men. Lena tries to send a distress call out before they cut the comm joins.

The group at the DEO hears the distress call and Kara flies the assistance. Morgan sees Supergirl is aiding, and arranges his associate to crash the plane, which will spread a greater amount of the hazardous chemical. The plane starts dropping out of the sky and parts into equal parts.

Kara can save Lena and the piece of the plane with the synthetic concoctions, preventing the toxic substance from spreading further.

Kara approaches Morgan at his office about the plane occurrence. Morgan accuses a rebel usable — the partner in crime he was with. Edge uncovers he surrounded the partner in crime with everything and Kara leaves, acknowledging she can't demonstrate Edge was behind everything.

Lena appears at CatCo and James is there working. After a rough beginning, the two present appropriate reparations.

Alex and Maggie make the separation authority, and Maggie leaves their loft by putting their wedding bands on the reserve the entryway.

Kara, Samantha, and Lena are discussing what happened earlier over a glass of wine. Kara's telephone rings and it's Alex.

Alex and Kara are seen drinking at a bar. Kara advises Alex to return to her place to back a sack, they will return home.

Samantha is taking care of Ruby for the night when Ruby noticed a hole in her mom's shirt — it's a bullet hole. Samantha goes to discover her coat and when she gets it, a squashed bullet drops out — she was hit during the shooting earlier in the day and wasn't hurt.




  • When discussing how to address the children's lead poisoning with in National City, Lena references the real-life water crisis in Flint, Michigan, which also involved lead poisoning and was still ongoing at the time this episode aired.
  • The angry crowd at Lena's conference, riled by Morgan Edge, shouts, "Lock her up!" This is a reference to the motto used by supporters of Donald Trump that was aimed at Hillary Clinton.
  • The song that Maggie and Alex dance to is 1983's "All Through the Night" by Cyndi Lauper. It's a pop ballad version of the folk rock song originally written and recorded by Jules Shear.
  • When Lena mentions Acre Lee Chemical to Edge, he asks whether she's referring to "where the coyote gets all the stuff that he's gonna use to kill the roadrunner". He is referencing ACME, a mail-order company that provides Wile E. Coyote products to kill Road Runner in the Looney Tunes cartoons.
  • This is the final episode of the series to feature Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer.
  • Edge uses mob mentality to make everyone ignore the fact its been MONTHS since the lead has been laced in the air and no one got sick EXCEPT children; all of which should have been red flags they were bein duped. If the air WAS responsible, adults would have gotten sick too.


  • Kara is seen using a silver iPhone in one scene, and using a black one in the next.
    • This could be debunked by the idea that she has a D.E.O.-issued phone for emergencies.